Cumberland Heights Blog: Patrick Custer wins Customer Service Award for the 2nd Consecutive Month


The Cumberland Heights Customer service award is about building a strong service-oriented team that recognizes the abilities of each member. It means they can depend upon each other in “crunch” or crisis situations that occur when providing care for alcoholics. The award is based upon surveys that are distributed to the patients and families at the time of admission, as well as Intake staff members.   They vote on who they feel has exemplified great customer service for the month.

Here are some of the comments from our patients, their families and fellow staff about Patrick:

“Love your attitude, and willingness to always go the extra mile.”

“Patrick is the greatest invention in Intake since sliced bread. I love his personality, work ethic and his enthusiasm for recovery.”

“He stepped into the family as if he was already a member and has been a wonderful addition.”

“He is always so positive and brings such joy to the office.”

“A huge ball of enthusiasm and  positivity; equally so with patients, staff, and  families.”

We asked Patrick a few questions about his experience

How long have you worked at Cumberland Heights?

I’ve been at Cumberland Heights since July 2, 2014

What made you want to work at Cumberland Heights?

I have many colleagues, friends and patients that I’ve worked with in the past who spoke highly of this organization. When I eventually came to visit and met with some of the Cumberland Heights directors, I was drawn towards this place and knew that this was where God was leading me.  

Is there a patient experience you have had which stands out?

This one woman who was my patient, came to Cumberland Heights as a shell of a human being. She was a lost and hopeless soul and had been through numerous relapses and treatment programs. She was at the end of her rope but was at the point of throwing her hands up and saying “I am ready to do whatever it takes to stay sober!”   I spent a few hours with her and fought hard with her insurance company to get her admitted. She was admitted and I didn’t see her again for over a month when she called my name out from across campus. She ran over to me and said “it’s me…do you remember?” I didn’t recognize her because the woman standing before me was happy, well rested, had a light in her eyes and carried herself with confidence, none of which I saw the day she arrived at Cumberland Heights. She was excited to let me know how dramatically her experience here had changed her life for the better. With tears running down her face, she thanked me for the time I spent working with her when she arrived. This was one of many precious experiences I’ve had while at Cumberland Heights that I believe   are little nods from God saying to me there is no better place in the world for me to be fulfilling his will than right here.

What would you say puts Cumberland Heights above the rest when it comes to treatment?

THE STAFF! Since I came on board at Cumberland Heights I have been overwhelmed by the wonderful staff here. I have observed the executives, administration, clinical, kitchen and operations staff sincerely live out our mission of placing patient care as the top priority. I believe this principle is the essential foundation to providing the best care possible in the treatment programs we offer and to individuals we serve.

Contributor:   Chuck Rapp, Admissions Director