Cumberland Heights Blog: Our Spiritual Fitness

**Audio of Service**

Focusing on our spiritual fitness allows us to develop spiritual practices that give us the tools to do the necessary work at the core of our being. When we are following our spiritual practices we are more grounded, more centered, and able to cope with what life brings us.

When we believe and trust in a loving God, we experience that loving God coming to us over and over again wanting to take our burdens from us. The Spirit of God continues to work through the fellowship of this program and continues to show us how to turn our life and will over to God’s care through the people who come into our lives through this fellowship. The fellowship of recovery gives us the strength to walk in newness and experience the promises this program.

Rev. Carrie Fraser, MDIV, LMFT, CADC
Director of Pastoral Care Services
Cumberland Heights Foundation
8283 River Road Pike, Nashville, TN 37209