Cumberland Heights Chapel Service “Epiphanies”


**Audio of service**

Cumberland Heights (Phil Martin pics) 048 smIt is easy to over think, over-analyze and set conditions on God’s epiphanies for our lives. We are called, perhaps to follow with a sense of immediacy. Instead of trying to prepare and figure out the details; just follow. Follow the suggestions, follow what the people who are living with peace and serenity in their lives are doing and see what happens. Epiphanies, especially of the divine nature, require an immediate response. That epiphany that comes from hitting rock bottom and knowing deep within that something different has to happen, that recovery has to happen in order to live can be simultaneously freeing and terrifying. The good news is that there is a fellowship that is ready to embrace you and love you. Look for the ways that God may be leading you to grow and change because God is interested in our ongoing spiritual growth. What is asked of us… follow.