Cumberland Heights Launches Breakthrough YouTube Series Initial detox segment demystifies process

Nationally recognized alcohol and drug treatment center Cumberland Heights ( launched today its new YouTube series designed to speak candidly to people struggling with addiction and those who care about them. The casually shot, rough-cut videos effectively capture the emotions and challenges of addicts, while providing straightforward, honest information from treatment professionals and alumni about the process and what to expect. The initial segment, which will go up on Cumberland Heights’ YouTube channel on July 8, demystifies detox and will hopefully alleviate some addicts’ concerns about the process, often considered to be one of the hardest hurdles for those seeking treatment.

“We really want to reach addicts and their families in a language they understand….these videos are raw and real. We hope this series conveys not only relatable emotions but also usable information. The important message throughout is that no one has to battle addiction alone,” said Walt Quinn, chief marketing officer at Cumberland Heights.

Cumberland Heights filmed the segments in a way that counselors and leadership hope will be authentic and accessible to the YouTube audience. Video topics include women and addiction, detox, making the commitment to treatment, music therapy and the role of family in treatment. By creating insightful videos that capture the essence of addiction and rehabilitation, Cumberland Heights is hoping to make it easier for those struggling to make the leap of faith to recovery.

“Much of what exists on YouTube about addiction and recovery is highly produced and commercial. Cumberland Heights hopes to reach viewers who will relate to first-hand information that addresses their often unspoken fears and apprehensions about rehab,” said Melissa Hudgens, director of women’s services at Cumberland Heights.

YouTube is Cumberland Heights’ newest avenue to reach addicts and their families. The center uses Facebook, a blog, newsletter and regular educational releases to communicate its messages of hope to those who might need encouragement and guidance. The videos will be posted on the Cumberland Heights YouTube channel and website  over the next year.

About Cumberland Heights:
Cumberland Heights, a private, nonprofit alcohol and drug addiction treatment center, has been dedicated to providing patients with the highest quality of care since 1966. With the guidance of an award-winning staff, the Cumberland Heights short-term and long-term treatment programs encompass the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of recovery through professional excellence, the principals of the Twelve Steps, and a safe and loving environment. Surrounded by rolling hills and open spaces and away from the distractions of city life, the 170-acre campus located along the Cumberland River, just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, provides the ideal setting for recovery. Cumberland Heights has touched the lives of thousands of individuals and their families – more than 1,500 new patients last year alone. Over four decades of experience has proven that recovery is not only possible, it’s a path that no one has to walk alone.