Everything You Need to Know About How Spirituality Fits Into the 12-Step Program

Everything You Need to Know About How Spirituality Fits Into the 12-Step Program

There are so many factors to consider when you’re searching for the right treatment center. Each person has unique needs and desires to comfortably embark on their journey to recovery, and your recovery approach is one of the first places you should start. If you’re interested in adding a more religious/spiritual component to your recovery, 12-step programs could be an excellent fit. Programs like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) have been around for many years, and a lot of people have found success with them. You may be wondering exactly where the spirituality component fits in – and here it is:

  • As members work through the 12 steps, they follow a path that leads them to a Higher Power with whom they can build a strong connection in their life
  • Individuals are led to consider some of life’s biggest questions, such as “Why am I here?” and “What do I need to find more fulfillment in my life?”
  • Many people find that as they’ve worked so hard in their recovery and their spiritual journey, they want to share that experience with others. This act of service further lends itself to living a more spiritually-guided way of life

They say that addiction recovery concerns the mind, body and spirit. Besides working solely on ridding your body of the cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with substance dependence, you’ll work alongside other people to build up a life that is truly meaningful to you – one with balance, love and acceptance. In 2015, a researcher from Harvard University assessed a number of participants in treatment programs with 12-step emphasis. They uncovered a few interesting findings:

  • The more steps completed in the 12-step program, the longer participants were found to remain sober
  • The stronger a person felt about their purpose in life, the longer their sobriety typically was
  • The more active individuals were in their 12-step program, the more likely they were to find their greater purpose in life

Recovery is a personal journey, much like spirituality. For some, the combination provides a stronger foundation for healing, growth and transformation. You may find that through the 12-steps, you’re better able to find structure, with an emphasis placed on the “larger picture” that is life. Addiction takes us away from that and carries us to feel caught up in our own thoughts. Take that step back. You may find that your life is completely transformed because of it.

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