Good & Gracious God…

*Audio of Service*

Good and gracious God,

This life can be so confusing,
We struggle to make sense of the hurting and “brokenness”.
We sometimes find it hard to forgive ourselves for our faults and our failures.  How….are we supposed to forgive others for theirs?  May we learn that what the world labels as brokenness is frequently little more than the reality of being alive-  Of life-  Of humanity.

May we see it as little more than a perfect opportunity to fill in the hurting places by sharing love and grace.

And, as we do
May we be brave enough,
Bold enough,
To show our own scars a well.
That we too might receive love and grace….
And together begin spreading the good news of love unto the ends of the earth.

Rev. Carrie Fraser, MDIV, LMFT, CADC
Director of Pastoral Care Services
Cumberland Heights Foundation