Brighten Your Day: Good News During COVID-19

Finding the Silver Lining During Self-Quarantine

Top officials have called the outbreak of the novel coronavirus the worst public health crisis in a generation. The United States and other nations have taken drastic steps to halt the virus’s spread, including the closure of public spaces and the implementation of “Safer At Home” orders. As the situation evolves, we constantly receive updates and notifications from our smartphones about an increase in cases, discovery of new symptoms, or other upsetting information. However, throughout this process, we may be overlooking something: good news during COVID-19.

When times are uncertain, the best parts of humanity can come to the surface and make a real difference. We’ve compiled some of our favorite stories of human kindness and good news for you today.

How Positivity Helps

We’ve discussed the importance of positivity during COVID-19 in previous blog posts, and it remains vital today. By changing your thinking, you can boost your personal resilience, immune system, and problem-solving skills in a time of crisis. Research also shows that people who report higher levels of positivity are better able to quickly recover from stressful events.

The onslaught of negative news coverage surrounding the novel coronavirus is such that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends regulating your media diet. In a piece of documentation containing advice about coping with stress and anxiety during COVID-19, they state that “hearing about the pandemic repeatedly can be upsetting.” Instead of scrolling through your news feed and only focusing on negative articles, consider seeking out happier content like the events we’ve outlined below.

Tennessee’s Volunteer Spirit Endures Through COVID-19

In the wake of March tornadoes, residents all over Tennessee were prepared to lend a hand and contribute to cleanup efforts and fundraisers, all at a moment’s notice. This same volunteerism has continued into the outbreak, as East Nashvillian Sarah Townsend Smith and others help their high-risk neighbors by running errands, getting groceries and picking up medications. Sarah’s Facebook post asking to help her neighbors has exploded into a large volunteer effort, making a huge difference for those in need.

Grandfather and Granddaughter Have a Socially Distant Dance-Off

Six-year-old Kira Neely is used to seeing her 80-year-old grandfather, Martin Neely, every day. With the outbreak of COVID-19, both of them have had to self-quarantine in their separate Nashville homes. A few weeks into quarantine, the dynamic duo had a socially distant dance-off, safely six feet apart from one another. The heartwarming video is available on Good Morning America.

The Store Provides Free Food, Delivery to the Elderly

Brad Paisley and Kimberly Williams-Paisley’s “The Store” – a free grocery store for those in need – wants to deliver their food to elderly people in Middle Tennessee. Volunteers provided a week of groceries to seniors in the Edgehill and Berry Hill neighborhoods.

Moms Raise Over $10,000 to Feed Frontline Workers

A group of mothers in South Carolina have worked together to donate over 600 restaurant meals to hospital workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. The initiative started with a simple text chain; the volunteers use donated money to purchase meals from local restaurants who have been ordered to shut down and offer takeout services only. These meals are then delivered to area hospitals.

“We’re feeding everyone from nurses and doctors to the security guard at the front entrance,” said Whitney Klomparens, one of the founders. “And we’re supporting local businesses who need our help.”

Where to Find Good News During COVID-19

According to The New York Times, interest in finding positive headlines has skyrocketed within the past few weeks. They reference the rising follower counts of Instagram accounts @TanksGoodNews and @GoodNews_Movement, and the launch of actor John Krasinski’s “news network for good news,” titled Some Good News. Google searches for “good news” spiked last month and have continued to rise in the days since.

In response, many news outlets have created newsletters and segments specifically dedicated to the lighter side of life. National Geographic has created two good news-themed newsletters, one focused on kids and families, the other titled Your Weekly Escape. The Washington Post has also begun sending its newsletter, The Optimist, twice per week. If you’re looking for the silver lining, these outlets or aggregators like Good Morning America’s Good News section can be a great starting point.

We’re Here for You

We understand how stressful and overwhelming these times can feel, especially for those in recovery. Whether you need a little extra support or have recently experienced a relapse, the Cumberland Heights team is standing by 24/7. Contact us for more information about treatment and social support during COVID-19.