How Can Outpatient Treatment Programs Assist Recovery Efforts?

Using outpatient treatment programs to help addiction recoveryRecovery is a lifelong journey and many people find that structured recovery programs do not end once their residential treatment program is over. In order to continue building upon what they’ve learned before, one must continue to submerge themselves in the world of recovery. Intensive outpatient treatment programs are an excellent way for those in recovery to ensure they don’t fade away from their recovery goals – by working closely with a healthcare team and continuing to attend individual and group therapy, recovery is much less daunting and more routinized.

Relapse is a central focus of addiction recovery, as preventative measures are necessary in order for a person to continue walking on the path of recovery. How can an intensive outpatient treatment program assist with this?

A 2015 study published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence sought to explore how outpatient treatment programs supported relapse prevention amongst emerging adults (aged 18-25 years old) in the first year after their residential treatment. A total of 284 individuals participated in the study and this is what researchers found:

  • Continuing care was significantly shown to impact abstinence over time
  • The odds of abstinence were 1.3 times greater if individuals participated in at least one recovery activity, but were 3.2 times greater if they participated in 5 activities
  • 12-Step programs provided much-needed support in terms of relapse prevention and activity involvement

Social support is an incredibly influential factor of relapse in addiction recovery and outpatient treatment programs paired with 12-Step programs provide everything a person needs to feel grounded. Separate from residential treatment, individuals can start building their independence by returning home at the end of each day and working towards securing their family and workplace roles they may have previously held.

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