Indoor Winter Activities for People in Recovery

As a polar vortex blows across the continental United States this week, Tennesseans have found themselves scraping windshields and watching flurries. Low temperatures and COVID-19 restrictions have driven many of us inside for the foreseeable future. How can we stay entertained in the days ahead? The team at Cumberland Heights has put together a list of indoor winter activities for people in recovery. Get ready for some sober fun at home!

Redecorate Your Home

We’ve all gotten familiar – perhaps too familiar – with the inner confines of our homes over the past few months. If you’re not excited about your surroundings, take this opportunity to rearrange furniture and move your artwork around. Pinterest can serve as a great source of creative vision if you’re in need of ideas. 

Do a Scavenger Hunt

If you live with a roommate, spouse or significant other, a scavenger hunt is a great way to spend a few hours this January. One person can write out fun clues (don’t forget to pepper in a few inside jokes or trivia questions) and hide them around the house. See how long it takes to get to the final clue!

Build a Blanket Fort

You’re never too old for a blanket fort. Take apart the couch and bring out the throw blankets for one of our favorite winter activities. Spruce up your fort with string lights, countless pillows, a gaming console or a few movies. Creating a new space in your home can help you to feel energized and excited, even in the midst of COVID winter.

Connect with Loved Ones

If there’s one blessing of COVID-19, it’s that we have all found new ways to bond with our loved ones from the comfort of our own homes. Fire up Zoom or FaceTime and start chatting! There are also plenty of games you can play together from afar. Resist the urge to isolate this winter; instead, reach out to your friends and family when you’re feeling lonely.

Create an At-Home Spa Day

If the chilly weather is affecting your mood, try making your own oasis from the freeze. Pick up some bubble bath, Epsom salts or bath bombs from the grocery store, along with flowers, candles, books or snacks. Once you’ve set the mood, spend an afternoon pampering yourself. This exercise isn’t gender-specific; men can also benefit from the relaxation and self-care of a home spa day.

Take a Free Online Class

Yale and other universities have begun offering free online classes during the pandemic. If you’re feeling bored, consider setting aside the time to broaden your knowledge, learn a new skill or brush up on a favorite subject.

Test Yourself with Brain Teasers

Crosswords, word finds and Sudoku are all great options for entertaining yourself during long days at home. While many of us are used to picking these books up from the cash wrap at the grocery store, they’re now available for all your devices in free-to-play apps.

Make an Elaborate Meal

Americans have been eating at home more often than ever before; you may feel stuck in a rut of recycled recipes and old favorites. Take a step out of your comfort zone and try out a new, lavish meal. Whether it’s made-from-scratch pancakes for breakfast or a luxurious dessert, we hope that cooking and baking helps you to feel cozy indoors this winter.

Get Decluttering

Shopping your closet is a fun and exciting way to inventory what you own. It’s also a great chance to make a difference in your community. This month, try assessing whether items still fit your personal style – if not, donate them to a nearby homeless shelter. Items like winter coats, thick socks and sturdy boots are in high demand this time of year.

Mail Some Letters

There’s something exciting about receiving a hand-written letter from someone you care about. Give your loved ones that feeling of excitement by sending them a card. They take just minutes to write and speak volumes.

Have a Movie Marathon

Who doesn’t love an old-fashioned movie day? If the weather is gray and cold, get ready to get cozy. Many new films are available on major streaming platforms due to the closure of movie theaters. Pop some popcorn and curl up on the couch to watch the latest releases (or an old favorite – we won’t judge).

Turn to the Internet for Inspiration

Finally, if you’re feeling uninspired, don’t forget that the internet has an infinite array of activities to choose from. Whether you use it as a reference or just spend your time reading articles, conducting research or learning a new skill, the world wide web is a great tool for connection and education.

Support and Treatment for Winter 2021

The winter months are challenging for all of us. They may decrease our activity and negatively impact our mental health. For people in recovery, it is important to find avenues of support during times like these. If you need assistance, Cumberland Heights is here for you.

Our programs are tailored to the needs of men and women at all stages of recovery. We provide the complete continuum of care, ensuring that there is a path to treatment that works for each person who walks through our doors. For more information about Cumberland Heights, contact us today.