Second in YouTube Series Helps Families Support Mom

Cumberland Heights launched today the second in its already-acclaimed YouTube video series with a back-to-school message for moms battling addiction and their families. The latest video titled “Women in Rehab: A Courageous Choice” spotlights the unique challenges women face with both addiction and recovery. The focus on women is timely. With children going back to school, women face increased pressures and responsibilities that often cause addictions to spiral out of control.

“Not only is the physiology of addiction different for women, so are the social challenges regarding treatment,” said Melissa Hudgens, director of the women’s program at Cumberland Heights. “Our goal with this segment of the YouTube series is to let women know they have support and treatment options. At Cumberland Heights, we tailor treatment to their unique needs.”

Hudgens explains that certain times of year, such as back to school or the holidays, can trigger increased stresses, causing addictions to peak. Women often feel as though they need to be the caretakers of the house, especially in homes with children. Feeling unable to balance family with treatment can cause women to avoid or delay getting the help they need.

Cumberland Heights’ YouTube series, launched in July, features casually shot, rough-cut videos that effectively capture the emotions and challenges of addicts while providing straightforward and honest information. Cumberland Heights filmed the segments in a way that counselors and leadership hope will be authentic and accessible to the YouTube audience. Video topics include women and addiction, detox, making the commitment to treatment, music therapy and the role of family in treatment. Additional segments will be released throughout the year.