“Share the Love” Campaign

During the month of February, we reached out to our Facebook family and asked that they send in their Stories of Recovery to share with our patients. Below are a few of the stories and encouragement we received…

“You Are Beautiful Inside & Out”
When I was 14, I was introduced to Xanax. I grew very fond of the power to block out anything I felt I needed to. I walked into a world of narcotics & broke my own legs. At age 16, I knew I couldn’t get out on my own. My addictions were so extreme, I was, at this point, sleeping with my drug dealers, because I couldn’t afford to satisfy my “needs”.

I did so many things I’m not proud of, but at age 18, I am sober. I am free. I turned to God, and let him take control, and he did, because he loves me. And he loves YOU! And if you trust him, he will take care of you.

It’s OK to mess up. We are human. We are supposed to mess up. This is how we learn. You will get through this and come out a happier, healthier, stronger person. No matter where life takes you, you are loved, and you can accomplish anything!!

Keep Climbing the mountain! Recovery is so sweet on the other side! I never imagined the true love and laughter I could experience and share with others.
– Anonymous
Take the time to love yourself and give yourself a break today. Progress not Perfection!
– Anonymous

Check back to see more of our letters of encouragement & stores of “Share the Love of Recovery”