Sunday Sermon: The purpose and meaning for our lives

Sunday Sermon: The purpose and meaning for our lives

“I believe that most of our questions are really about the purpose and meaning for our lives. They are questions about how to cope with problems that feel insurmountable or dealing with a challenge or living with the consequences of past mistakes and behaviors. They are questions about being a creative spiritual being and finding hope when it feels like hope is lost. And most of us would probably agree that when we are asking the questions about life and how we are going to live our lives; the meaning that we are seeking is not in what we own or have stored up. It’s not about our possessions, but it’s about the meaning of our lives and what does life really consist of for us.”

Scripture text is Luke 12: 13-21

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Rev. Carrie Fraser, MDIV, LMFT, CADC
Director of Pastoral Care Services
Cumberland Heights Foundation

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