What Are Some of the Most Beautiful Lessons of Sober Living?

What Are Some of the Most Beautiful Lessons of Sober Living?

Sobriety brings about an entirely new perspective of oneself, others and life as a whole. There’s nothing like being able to completely live in the moment, without the influence of drugs or alcohol. Sober living is a lifelong journey that requires a lot of hard work and dedication, but it’s absolutely worth it in the long run. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) shares many success stories of individuals in recovery, and one person shared their experience with addiction. Here is an excerpt from their story, a lesson they learned: “[I have been] clean for the past 21 years from all mood-altering chemicals…I have come full circle from being addicted, whose life was unmanageable to one fully involved in the helping professions of mental health services. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve.”

One of the most beautiful lessons of sobriety is learning that you’re still strong, you’re still capable and your story is powerful to help others. Many people who have worked so hard in recovery also spend time volunteering because of this very lesson – they know that after everything they’ve been through, it’s worth it to try and help others better themselves, too.

Being sober means gaining a new perspective on what life means to you. Sobriety gives you lessons about quality time with those you love, communicating your wants and needs, remembering some of the best moments of your life, fully engaging in the present moment, and being able to influence others in the most positive of ways. According to The Medium, one person expressed that they didn’t realize being sober would mean they’d “feel everything” – as it turns out, substances block us from working through our emotions and make us quite numb instead. Rather than waiting for the time to pass by, or feeling like things are a blur, all of your thoughts and senses come to life – giving you a much more real, human experience.

Yes, there are days that are painful. There will always be ups and downs. Alcohol and other drugs do not benefit anyone, though – they merely serve as a distraction. With sobriety, you’re opening yourself up to become stronger, wiser and more whole than you’ve ever felt before. You’re ready to learn just how wonderful life can be when you’re fully present for it all times, taking in the good and the bad.

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