What Are Young Adults Most at Risk for When It Comes to Addiction?

What Are Young Adults Most at Risk for When It Comes to Addiction?Young adults aged 18-25 are one of the most concerning generations because of the unique pressures that they face, and the accessibility they have to drugs. We’re learning more and more about stress and how this generation is coping with it, but the opioid epidemic has revealed that opioid pain relievers are a go-to for many. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) lists three drugs that are most commonly abused by young adults:

  • Prescription opioid pain relievers
  • ADHD stimulants
  • Anti-anxiety drugs

Doctor shopping is a key term that describes when a person visits multiple doctors to receive the same prescription so that they can either abuse the drugs or to sell them. Young adults are highly at risk for this, especially if dependency is involved or if they’re trying to make additional money. ADHD stimulants have been used by many young adults to help them study in college, and this widespread belief has caused many to become hooked. Other motivations for drug use may be to relax, to experiment, to lose weight, to sleep better, to have a good time with friends and more.

Opioid prescriptions and anti-anxiety drugs often produce sedative effects, which can be an addictive feeling. Around this age range, it’s likely that a person may feel like they have control over their use – they may even use the drug for specific instances, such as only the night before a test or after a stressful day at school/work. Unfortunately, dependency and addiction can kick in before a person realizes it – and that’s typically when a number of consequences have already been taking place (such as with relationship struggles, financial problems, workplace issues, etc.).

Young adults who struggle with addiction may find themselves showing up late to work, missing classes, no longer spending time with friends or family, engaging only in hobbies that revolve around substance abuse and more. In these instances, it’s time to seek help – treatment programs are an excellent approach because they offer a structured, safe environment with a supportive healthcare team to guide a person through recovery. Young adults face some intense pressures – pressure to succeed, to find love, to make it on their own and much more; if we can provide more support and guidance to this age group, perhaps we can reduce the number of people who have begun to struggle with addiction.

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