What Does It Mean to Have a Stable Home Environment?

Having a stable home environment during treatment.Intensive outpatient treatment programs (IOPs) have proven time and time again to be incredibly successful in helping provide resources and support for those in addiction recovery, but it takes someone who is very self-motivated, who doesn’t need detoxification and who has a stable home environment to qualify. Stability at home is a major part of recovery, especially for those in IOPs because they are not going to be heavily monitored, such as those partaking in an inpatient or residential treatment program. If you’re considering joining an IOP, it’s important to consider whether you currently have a stable home environment – and, if you don’t, assessing what changes you can make to ensure that you do.

A 2017 study published in the journal Addiction emphasized that in addition to the basic needs of housing, those in recovery need a stable home environment that brings them joy. They need a space that is conducive to their recovery; there are many aspects of the home environment that can play into this, such as:

  • Not having any substances in the house
  • Having supportive significant others and family members around (and preferably no substance use from them whatsoever in the house)
  • Living somewhere that makes it easy not to use
  • Maintaining a clean, stress-free environment with organization
  • Establishing a daily routine filled with meaningful activities that reinforce recovery goals
  • And more

The University of Minnesota suggests that safety and security, lighting, physical comfort and more can have significant influences on how a person feels. The way the home environment is set up can promote or discourage interactions with others, it can influence motivations and can ultimately influence a person’s mood (which can also influence relapse vulnerability). Ultimately, a person attending an IOP will want to ensure they have a stress-free environment when they return home each day so they can focus solely on their responsibilities and their recovery.

What changes can you make to your home environment, to your work desk and to your daily life to make it easier to carry out your recovery?

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