What Does It Mean To ‘Listen to Your Body’?

Woman eating healthy during recoveryWhen we’re actively involved in addiction, we find that some of the most basic necessities that we once provided ourselves on a daily basis have become scarce. We neglect those close relationships in favor of spending time with others we can use substances with and we hold back on vital nutrients and minerals found in healthy food in favor of fast, processed food. In some cases, we may withhold from eating altogether, with dehydration and a host of other symptoms emerging as we continue down the path. Nutrition is an extremely important part of recovery because it’s something that has often been placed on the backburner throughout active addiction. In order to restore some of the damages to your body caused by addiction, you must learn to ‘listen to your body’. Let’s explore what that means.

As emphasized on Mind Body Green, the art of “listening to your body” is mostly about listening to the messages that it’s sending you through thoughts, pain and other signals. Most of us find ourselves overworked, anxious and stressed because we’ve pushed ourselves past our breaking point. By listening to your body, you can enact more preventative strategies, ultimately strengthening your recovery.

U.S. News suggests the following steps to really listen to what your body is trying to say:

  1. Throughout the day, pause and sit in the moment. Take some very deep breaths, focusing on the rise and fall of your stomach as you breathe in and out.
  2. Check in with your body by asking it questions. “How are you feeling?” “Are you hurting?” “Do you need some rest?” It may sound silly, but oftentimes our body will respond.
  3. Listen to what your body is trying to tell you by what the first thought is that comes to your mind as you’re asking it these questions.
  4. Trust yourself. Your instincts are right.

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