Why Do Drugs Seem Like a Solution for Some?

Drug abuse affects all of us in some way or another, but for those of us who haven’t been quite as vulnerable to addiction, the topic itself may seem quite convoluted. Why is one person more likely to abuse substances while another isn’t? Why do some people have a more difficult time recovering, while others don’t? Of course, it would make everything that much easier if there was a simple answer – a simple fix – to this. The reality is that as humans, we are made up of complexity; we have histories, medical situations, personality differences, circumstance variations and different genetics that make us different from one another. These differences, in isolation, may seem small – but altogether, they can have a huge impact.

Over the years, researchers have gone to great lengths to understand this phenomenon. While we truly don’t know everything there is to know about addiction, we do know this:

  • A person with a family history of substance abuse is more likely to battle substance abuse later in life
  • A child growing up in an environment where substance abuse is normalized or condoned is more likely to abuse substances as they get older, or even from a younger age
  • Some people have a temperament that leans more towards “thrill-seeking”, “risk” and “rewards”, which makes that person a bit more likely to abuse substances.
  • Emotional instability and psychological suffering may increase a person’s risk for substance abuse, especially if they are unaware of other resources to help them overcome these feelings

There are many theories surrounding addiction and how one person may be more likely to use than others. Science has still not caught up yet with advancements on this, but we do know that it’s a number of factors – not just one – that take part in this puzzle.

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