Why Your Teen Should Never Try to Detox at Home

Teen boy detoxing in treatment centerWhy Your Teen Should Never Try to Detox at Home

It’s a common thought that runs through the mind when a person is desperately ready to detox – doing it at home. For many, this idea seems not only convenient, but more comfortable, too, since they’ll be at home. Adolescents may not fully understand the dangers associated with this, however; detoxification is a serious process that can go deadly wrong if not approached correctly. Movies and television shows glamorize at-home detox by showing teens lying in bed, experiencing minimal withdrawal symptoms but recovering after only a few days of minor care from a loved one. The reality, however, is that detox can be much more than that – and considering the fact that the pre-teen brain is still developing, detox is most safely done in a professional setting.

The Risks of Teens Detoxing at Home

A teen’s central nervous system can adapt to become highly dependent to certain drugs, which means that the greater the severity of dependence, the more serious the detox. If improper preventative measures are taken, detox can lead to life-threatening medical conditions, such as seizures or heart problems. Severe withdrawal symptoms are also a huge risk as they may become too uncomfortable; in these instances, teen’s may find themselves in a high-risk situation with nowhere to turn.

The Benefits of Seeking Treatment at ARCH Academy

At ARCH Academy, your teen will be surrounded by a healthcare team who can monitor them 24/7 to ensure that they’re on the right track. Elements of treatment – such as therapy, school and study sessions, prepared group meals, recreation, personal time and 12-Step meetings – provide a well-rounded approach to helping adolescents find community and healing in a safe environment.

Dr. Marienfeld, a physician and expert on addiction, told Yale Medicine in 2017,

“If someone is struggling with severe dependence, they may be out on the street or doing desperate things to try to support their habit. There can be health consequences and legal consequences if they can’t start treatment right away.”

Don’t wait any longer to help your teen seek treatment. Detoxing at home can be unpredictable but receiving care from Cumberland Heights’ ARCH Academy  means that your adolescent will be in good care.

Adolescent Recovery of Cumberland Heights (ARCH) originally began in 1985 when there were few other adolescent programs like it in the country. In 2019, we’re expanding our continuum of services with ARCH Academy, a unique program located in Kingston Springs that offers 60 days to 6 months of residential care to adolescent boys ages 14-18 who are struggling with alcohol and/or drug addiction. This new program stems from Cumberland Heights, which has been around since 1966, and is located in Nashville, Tennessee. The adolescent age is a critical time for development, making this a crucial time of positive influence. For more information, call us today at 1-800-646-9998.