Your Ultimate Guide to Building a Life of Recovery

Your Ultimate Guide to Building a Life of Recovery

To step out of the world of addiction and into recovery is courageous and admirable. Recovery is a lifelong journey and involves a lot of twists and turns. Some days you’re going to feel as though you’ve got it all figured out – and other days, you’re going to wonder why you started doing this in the first place. These mixed feelings are common for anyone in recovery, and eventually will make you a stronger person as you learn to day things day by day.

If you ask anyone what their definition of recovery is, you’ll likely get a variety of answers. Recovery can be quite subjective, depending on a person’s individual goals, motivations and approach. While the personal view of recovery may change depending on the person, there are a number of dimensions that are pretty consistent, no matter whose recovery journey you look at:

  • Substance Use – no longer using
  • Treatment/Support – being in a program, having supportive people nearby
  • Psychological Health – feeling more confident, empowered and in-control
  • Physical Health – more activity/exercise, improved physical condition
  • Use of Time – more structure, more meaningful hobbies, less boredom
  • Education/Training/Employment – going back to school, volunteering, etc.
  • Income – more stability over finances, less debt
  • Housing – more security with a place to stay
  • Relationships – improved relationships with friends and family
  • Social Functioning – improved life skills and social interactions, more involvement
  • Offending/Antisocial Behavior – reduce/none at all anymore
  • Well-Being – less shame and guilt with more purpose, meaning and healthy self-esteem
  • Self-Identity/Awareness – improved perception of oneself
  • Spirituality – a sense of connection to the world, to God or to some other Higher Being

A few years ago, researchers really dived in to derive these elements that are considered foundational to recovery. Of course, each person’s journey is different, and you may have some elements that are stronger (or less apparent) than others over time. These dimensions are actually extremely useful for developing a happy, healthy life in general – not just when addiction is involved. Anyone can incorporate these elements more into their life. It really is a matter of finding what you need the most and what minor changes can be made to really make a positive difference in your life. Demi Lovato has expressed this exact concept by saying, “Recovery is something that you have to work on every single day, and it’s something that doesn’t get a day off.”

Take the leap towards bettering your happiness, health and overall life. You won’t regret it.

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