Clinicians Discuss Power of Community to Prevent Relapse with Debra Jay

Episode 1:

For our debut episode, Dr. Nick Hayes, Chief Science Officer at Cumberland Heights, welcomes author, speaker, and addiction specialist Debra Jay to our new River Road podcast studio. She tells us more about the Structured Family Therapy program she developed, debunks myths we often believe about recovery, and shares her personal experience attending an Al-Anon meeting for the first time.

About Debra Jay:

As a nationally recognized public speaker, Debra debunks prevalent myths about recovery, narrating her personal story. She is also the coauthor of the books “Love First” and “Aging and Addiction.” Debra’s vast expertise, including her graduation from The Ohio State University and the Hazelden School of Addiction Studies, and her extensive work at the Hazelden Foundation, provides a unique perspective on addiction and recovery. From facilitating family programs to supervising women’s units, Debra has been a clinical interventionist since 1996.

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