A Humble Approach to Treating Addiction with Gary Fisher

Episode 17:

On this episode, Dr. Nick Hayes sits down with Gary Fisher, a distinguished figure in the addiction treatment center industry, as they explore his humble approach and rich history within the field. Through insightful discussions, Gary shares stories from his introduction into the field, his own recovery, and the important components that make a positive impact on a patient’s journey. Tune in to gain valuable insights into the transformative power of empathy, leadership, and trust within the realm of addiction recovery.

​About Our Guest:

Gary Fisher has been involved in the behavioral health field for more than 30 years, having been a board member for the Utah Council for Crime Prevention, the Recovery Management Alliance, and the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers, a past chair for the NAATP Leadership Convention, and President of the Cirque Lodge Foundation. He has worked tirelessly in our industry to weave the threads of collegial good nature between facilities, always giving of his time, energy, and experience to help those organizations and individuals in need and in 2010 received the Promises Foundation Award for Distinguished Service in the field of recovery. Gary served as Executive Director of Cirque Lodge for most of its existence, guiding and developing the program into what it is today. In the spring of 2022, Gary announced his intention to step back from daily operations at Cirque, becoming an Emeritus Director. His ever present energy and zeal, laughter and love, and steadfast dedication was and continues to be an inspiration to the team here. Most importantly, he has and continues to serve in his local 12 step community, carrying the message of hope to the addict and alcoholic who still suffers.