Serving Others in Your Own Recovery with Jason Schneidman

Episode 6:

Join Dr. Nick Hayes on the Cumberland Heights Podcast as he welcomes the incredible Jason Schneidman, widely known as @themensgroomer. In this captivating episode, Jason shares his personal story of addiction and recovery, shedding light on his impactful work in helping others find care, addressing homelessness, practicing self-care, and styling the hair of celebrities. Jason’s journey is a testament to resilience, transformation, and the power of compassion.

From overcoming personal struggles to becoming a beacon of hope for those in need, this episode explores the intersection of life, recovery, and the unique world of hairstyling. Tune in for a candid conversation that delves into the challenges of addiction, the rewarding experiences of helping others, and the transformative impact of self-care. Jason’s story is an inspiring reminder that no matter where you come from, recovery is possible, and every individual has the potential for a brighter future.


A Little Bit About Jason Schneidman:

In everything he does, Jason Schneidman draws inspiration from his Southern California roots and the fashionable surroundings where he still lives, loves and works. It’s Hollywood – both its old glamour and its modern vibe – that moves him and informs his style, his choices and his life. Growing up on the beaches of SoCal, Jason was born into a carefree, keep-it-simple lifestyle. Surfing, loud motorcycles and fast cars have been lifelong muses as have rock music legends like Jim Morrison, who set a young Jason free with his innovative music and his unstrung style.

Another inspiration was in Mid-Century Hollywood where Jason found heroes both intelligent and rebellious – from James Dean to Steve McQueen. Jason’s current love of classic Hollywood infuses his work too. Back then, “every guy looked like a leading man,” he says. “And I can do those haircuts. But what really gets me pumped? Mess it up and go!” Jason cuts and styles hair like no one else. His cuts reflect his inspirations by allowing choice: classic and coiffed or tussle it and go! Either way, it always looks good…and it always, always looks cool. “A man should look and feel carefree and confident,” says Jason, “in the way he dresses and the way he wears his hair. This is what makes a man genuinely sexy.” Easy, relaxed, confident and stylish. This is who Jason is and he brings that spirit, energy and attitude to his work with each client, every day, no matter who they are.