Ethics in 2020

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Where: Zoom (Virtual Training)
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Learn more about the specific code of ethics developed to help guide addiction professionals in their field. The course also addresses Telehealth and other virtual services in response to COVID-19.
ethics3 (002)

Ethics are essential to the safe and effective delivery of care to individuals seeking addiction treatment. Therefore, specific codes of ethics, as well as state and federal laws, have been developed to guide addiction professionals in their delivery of professional care to individuals seeking their services. This course details the guidelines of ethics, confidentiality and boundaries for substance abuse counselors from several resources specific to alcohol and drug counselors. This course also addresses Telehealth and the recent implementations of these new services in response to COVID19 and how it has changed the way we offer addiction treatment. Join Tammy Stone, Associate Clinical Officer at Cumberland Heights as she dives into what we already know, things we need to know and how we adapt in the new climate of 2020.


Identify Main component of NAADAC code of ethics

Be able to define ethical terms such as beneficence and non-malfeasance

Identify at least 10 other concepts proposed by NAADAC to be considered during ethical decision making