Eating Disorders: Identifying and Assessing within the Treatment Setting

EVENT LOCATION Event Location: River Road Campus (8283 River Road Pike, Nashville, TN 37209)
Cost: $30
Ceus: 3
Stacy Bridges (


Facilitated by Claire Fierman

This comprehensive presentation is designed to equip clinicians with the essential knowledge and tools needed to adeptly identify eating disorder behaviors and patterns in their patients. Delving into the nuanced aspects of recognition, the session will explore physical, behavioral, and psychological signs indicative of various eating disorders. Furthermore, the presentation will guide clinicians in assessing when a higher level of care is warranted, emphasizing the importance of collaborative medical, psychiatric, and nutritional evaluations. The inclusion of practical tools within the treatment setting will empower clinicians to navigate therapeutic interventions, incorporating screening tools, psychoeducation, and evidence-based therapeutic approaches. By the conclusion of the presentation, clinicians will gain valuable insights to enhance their ability to provide targeted and effective care for individuals grappling with eating disorders.