Paving The Road To Recovery Sponsors

Cumberland Heights is grateful to all the Sponsors and Patrons who support Paving The Road to Recovery and our efforts every day to help patients and their families recover life.


Life Saving Sponsor

Ann and Frank Bumstead

Recovery Sponsor

Cal Turner Family Foundation

Jane and Tom Smith

Perseverance Sponsor

Mr. and Mrs. Don Crichton

Kim and Eddie DeMoss

Julia Ann Hawkins

Mr. and Mrs. William B. King, Jr.

Monica and Alec McDougall

Kim Pietsch

Awareness Sponsor

Anonymous (2)

Pam and Rob Crichton

Kathy and Ray Hayes

Louise Bullard Wallace Foundation

Milek Media

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Perkins

The Samuel M. Fleming Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Sangervasi


The Toby S. Wilt Family Foundation




Dr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Frist, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Healy

Mr. and Mrs. F. Gordon Pollock, Jr.

Christina and Joseph M. Roberts III

Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Wilson


Anonymous (2)

John Barron

Ann and Frank Bumstead

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Eakin, Jr.

Elizabeth B. Fox

Linda and Frank Gorrell

Elizabeth and Bill Hawkins

Mary Leyden and Torry Johnson

Neal and Harwell, PLC

Craig Philip and Marian Ott


Eleanor Templeton

Sandy and Tim Towers


Mr. and Mrs. J. Anthony Fort