Adult Women

Adult Women

We help women cope with unique challenges they face by addressing feelings of guilt and shame, and ultimately guiding them toward lifelong recovery.

Addiction Recovery for Adult Women

The Women’s Program at Cumberland Heights is designed to repair a woman’s relationship with herself and others so she can begin healing and find lifelong recovery.

Cumberland Heights’ Director of The Women’s Program Melissa Hudgens discusses elements and actions women need to take in their recovery from drugs and alcohol.

Each woman who comes to us is unique. We honor that by working with you to create an individual plan that gives you tools to begin your recovery. Our experienced staff provides information about what addiction is and what recovery brings, as well as an understanding of the obstacles. Through group, individual, and family therapy, along with an introduction to the support of 12-Step meetings, you will come to know that you are not alone. There is hope.

Many women who come to Cumberland Heights have experienced trauma. Our experienced mental health and addiction professionals provide trauma screening and trauma informed care, helping you heal from painful situations, as well as from old wounds worsened by addiction. Our Addiction Trauma Therapist provides groups that teach concrete skills to help you begin to take back your life. Your past is not your future. We also recognize the importance of dealing with the shame often related to addiction and its losses. We understand grief and will walk with you through this, as well as through issues around relationships, body image, and parenting.

In this nurturing community, a woman can begin to love herself as she learns to trust others. Finding out that you are not alone—that there is hope and healing—will change your life, a life free from alcohol and drugs.

Because women deal with issues specific to their gender and role in society, we address body image, healthy relationships and parenting.

Women’s Relapse Prevention Services

As a chronic disease, addiction requires ongoing recovery management. Every Cumberland Heights patient receives education about relapse and relapse prevention. If someone has had a period of recovery and then returned to active addiction, they will participate in relapse-specific group therapy with a counselor who specializes in relapse prevention. Part of the work includes examining life events/patterns leading to relapse, identifying Individual “triggers” and warning signs, and developing a relapse prevention plan. That plan will help the patient process the relapse and move forward on more solid ground.

Recovery Care Advocacy

Alcohol and drug addiction is a chronic, progressive and potentially fatal disease. Studies have shown accountability with a continuing care plan, sober fellowship, family involvement and extended support serve as the cornerstone for long-term recovery. Recovery Care Advocacy at Cumberland Heights is a service provided to all our alumni through their first year of recovery after completing a treatment program at Cumberland Heights.

Seek Treatment Today

We understand the challenges women face in recovery. If you want to learn more about what we offer or begin the admissions process, please call us at 800-646-9998.