Research Institute Releases Sixth Annual Outcomes Report

The Research Institute at Cumberland Heights Foundation is proud to present our Sixth Annual Outcomes Report. This report represents both our commitment to monitor treatment effectiveness and responsibility to disseminating those observations directly to the public.

Our primary goal in distributing these data lies centrally in our belief that those searching for treatment should have access to clear and transparent information that accurately highlights treatment outcomes. We believe that the findings in this report reflect that commitment and highlight the positive average change our programs can have on individuals’ lives.

This year, we are especially proud of the broad collaboration shown by many teams throughout our organization. Each of them have contributed to the impact these practices have had on our program. The following milestones were reached in 2023:

Maintained our Measurement Based Care and Post Discharge data collection systems, surpassing (n = 800,000) unique waves of patient data.

Expanded the SUD Outcomes Network membership and surpassed (n = 15,000) unique episodes of care into that system.

Support our formal partnership with the National Association of Addiction Treatment Provider’s (NAATP) Addiction Treatment Outcomes Program (i.e., analytics partner).

The motivation of our work remains centered on helping those who suffer from substance use disorders (SUD). We believe that our research practices help to improve our treatments, better inform our patients, and contribute to the greater collective of the addiction treatment field. We could not be more excited to share some of our organizational progress along with preliminary data directly with our patients, staff, and community stakeholders.

View our 2023 Annual Outcomes Report here.

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