September Is National Recovery Month

September is National Recover Month and in honoring that, we would like to recognize the following Cumberland Heights employees for their years of service and for giving themselves to the cause each and every day.

Jaime Garza, LADAC
Jaime, a counselor in the Extended Care Program, has been with CH for 3 years. “He has been a true gift to the Men’s program. Jaime has been willing to fill numerous roles quite often when circumstances necessitated a need and a quick resolution so that patient services would not suffer. Jaime has always been a “team” member in the truest and healthiest sense of that word.” – Paul Pradat, Chief Clinical Director.

Tammy Stonem LADAC, LPC, MHSP
Tammy, Director of Outpatient, has been with CH for 19 years. “Tammy has literally grown up professionally at CH. Her wide variety of experiences as an employee has served her well as she trains and mentors the next generation of staff. Tammy, through her training of others, is instrumental in assuming that the quality of care provided by staff is of the hightest order” – Paul Pradat, Chief Clinical Director

Genie Laurent, LADAC
Genie, Case Manager for the Women’s Program, has been with CH for 25 years. “Genie’s clinical experience has been a resource to the women’s program. She has a strong functional knowledge of addiction. Genie has a positive influce on the treatment team and across the CH campus. Patient care and their needs always comes first for Genie. I have never felt that she was judgemental of patients or staff” – Roberta Sewell, Women’s Center Program Director

Nancy Smith, LADAC
Nancy, First Step Women’s Counselor, has been with CH for 2 years. “Nancy joined the Women’s Program in 2011 and has brought new energy to the First Step program. She is a true advocate for the patients and their needs. Nancy has teamed with her Case Manager and Family Counselor to make certain the First Step patients get quality treatment and comprehensive continuing care plans. She is a valuable member of this treatment team” – Roberta Sewell, Women’s Center Program Director

Ruth Ann Burton, LADAC
Ruth Ann, Counselor in the Intensive Outpatient Program, has been with CH for 10 years. “I began working in the field of Addiction in 1980. I started in this field as an intern and was hired as a full time employee. During this period of time I have worked in several different programs. I have increased my certifications and at this point I’m credentialed as a LADAC Counselor and also have certification BCPC through American Psychotherapy Association as a Board Certified Professional Counselor. I have worked at the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office as a Case Manager with persons who came to this program in lieu of jail.

Ayne-Wallace Nichols, LMSW
Ayne, Counselor in our Youth Program, has been with CH for 5 years. “Ayne is a true professional who brings an enthusiasm and sense of humor to work with her in the youth program every day. She has championed equine assisted therapy and Junigan sand tray therapy and comfortably relates the metaphors as they apply to practical application toward day to day 12 step recovery. Ayne likes a challence; she is flexible and meets the kids where they are. Anyne actively seeks professional development by stepping into a variety of roles at CH, through outside learning and supervision, program development and marketing. Ayne exemplifies the “Spirit of Cumberland Heights” ” – Paul Citro, Youth Program Director

Brent Davidson
Brent is a Case Manger for the Youth Department. “Brent is a committed advocate of the youth in our program and works to assure that each of our kids receive the optimum amount of opportunity for treatment. Brent also assists in Utilization Review for the Adult Programs. He has been in recovery for 28 years and has worked at Cumberland Heights for eleven years in Intake and Utilization Review. His innate desire to help each and every youth is what drives him to work tenaciously and tirelessly. It is important to Brent that our youth receive the information about addiction, recovery and 12 step support to ensure their success. Brent is someone whom the youth staff revere and the patients refer to as a “Twelve Step Guru” ” – Paul Citro, Youth Program Director

Kenny Heins, LADAC
Kenny, Counselor in the Traditional Adult Program, has been with CH for 11 years. “Kenny is a long tenured and awarded sustance abuse counselor respected throughout Tennessee. He is a legent in his knowledge about the history and program of AA. Kenny is masterful in his ability to help men understand the disease and teach them to use the 12 steps to radically change their lives. Kenny uses his own experiences and compassion for the suffering alcoholic/addict to be one of the finest counselors in the country. He offers humor with firmness to gain the respect and trust of his patients” – Will Radford, Traditional Adult Program Director

Keith Collier
Keith, First Step Family Conselor, has been with CH for 17 years. ” Keith has been a First Step staff member for years who has always stepped up to handle any task asked of him with great professionalism. Keith is very talented in the application of the Ropes Course and other experiential applications to the treatment of addiction. Keith works with the families of the First Step patients to teach them about addiction and how to heal along with the patients. Keith is one of the kindest and friendliest professionals in this field making him an asset to his coworkers and the population he serves” – Will Radford, Traditional Adult Program Director