Adult Men

Adult Men

Individualized drug and alcohol addiction treatment catered to the unique needs of men.

The Men’s Program at Cumberland Heights is designed to guide men from feelings of pain and isolation that come with active addiction, to a place of connection and wellbeing.

Addiction Recovery For Adult Men

Men often come to us feeling angry, ashamed, confused—how did this all happen? Many men also struggle with feeling comfortable talking about these feelings. In the Men’s Program, our experienced team of addiction professionals work hard at creating spaces and places for men to talk to each other, without shame or judgement. Sharing stories as we walk the campus trails or shoot a few baskets in the gym can help a man come to see where he is in his life—and where he wants to go. Through group, individual and family therapy, including an introduction to 12 Step support, we work with our men patients to  educate them on the disease of addiction and create an individualized plan on how to start recovery. We talk about how to address old triggers and urges to use in our RAW (Recovery Awareness) group and learn concrete skills that work. We talk about problems with family, jobs, finances, and legal challenges and plan to come out on the other side. And we laugh—together—maybe for the first time in a long time. Life is good and can be good for you again too. Come and join us—it’s a trip that will change your life!

The Men’s Program is up to 30 days in length, but in some cases those struggling need additional support. The Extended Care Program offers additional care of up to 180 days in length and is for those who desire a safe transitional program back into everyday life.

From a patient’s first assessment, through residential treatment, and all the way to their first aftercare group, newly recovering men are provided the necessary tools for a sober, productive and fulfilling life.  As part of the recovery community, men begin to break down the barriers addiction and stereotypes have built up.  As men learn intimately about the disease of addiction, they begin to normalize their feelings and experiences.

At Cumberland Heights, our goal is to help men turn the hard work of getting clean and sober into a lifetime of happiness and contentment.

Addiction Treatment for Adult Men

We understand the challenges men face in recovery. If you want to learn more about what we offer or begin the admissions process, please call us at 800-646-9998.