We are thankful for the service of military personnel and their families. Cumberland Heights accepts TRICARE to provide effective, affordable addiction treatment services to active duty military, their families, and veteran service members.

The brave men and women of the armed forces experience trauma, drug addiction and alcoholism at higher rates than the civilian population. Their family members are also at an increased risk for substance abuse, anxiety and depression. Cumberland Heights has partnered with TRICARE to make addiction treatment affordable for military service members and their families.

TRICARE Rehab for Drug Addiction

TRICARE is a health care program offered exclusively to members of the military and their families. In addition to the typical benefits of most plans, this insurer covers treatment for a variety of behavioral health concerns. Chief among these is TRICARE coverage for drug rehab.

Drug addiction is especially common among members of the military, especially after their service has concluded. Often, substance abuse begins in an attempt to cope with symptoms of trauma, PTSD or mental illness caused by combat or deployment. Reintegrating to civilian life can be incredibly challenging, and without proper support and treatment, veterans may develop substance use disorders.

Each person’s path to recovery will vary based on their TRICARE plan and personal history. For example, while some people are instructed to report to an inpatient program for thirty days, others might detox on an outpatient basis.

The specific recommendations you receive will be based on an assessment conducted by your treatment center and TRICARE. Cumberland Heights is able to facilitate this process on your behalf. Our insurance specialists will ensure that you receive appropriate recommendations for the formation of your treatment plan.

TRICARE Alcohol Rehab

Many active duty service members and veterans see drinking as a way to bond with others. Over the years, consuming alcohol has become a significant pillar of military culture. Unfortunately, this has led to a rising rate of alcoholism among active service members and veterans alike. These demographics drink at rates much higher than the general population.

Many people falsely believe that they can overcome addiction through willpower alone, or that as strong soldiers, they do not need to ask for help. In reality, treatment is much more effective, especially if it has been sought before a person hits “rock bottom.” Alcoholism affects every aspect of a person’s life – personally, professionally, emotionally and relationally – and will only worsen with time. It is important to seek accredited addiction treatment for alcohol use disorder as soon as possible.

Does TRICARE Cover Addiction Treatment?

Yes, TRICARE provides coverage for the treatment of substance use disorders. Depending on your plan, TRICARE may cover:

It is important to note that TRICARE only covers substance abuse treatments which are considered both proven and medically necessary. Aversion therapy, camps, homeopathic remedies and other experimental procedures are not included among their list of acceptable mental health services or substance use disorder treatments.

What Does TRICARE Cover for Spouses?

TRICARE provides comprehensive health insurance coverage for spouses and children of military service members. Military dependents are eligible for the same array of substance abuse treatment options as personnel.

While coverage varies based on each individual plan, TRICARE may cover:

  • Residential addiction treatment
  • Intensive outpatient programs (IOP)
  • Psychotherapy and other clinical services
  • Partial hospitalization programs (PHP)

In the therapeutic environment of each Cumberland Heights campus, we offer the opportunity to recover among other military spouses. Research has indicated that finding a sense of community among others who understand your circumstances can be instrumental in a person’s recovery. The peer support at Cumberland Heights helps residents to combat isolation, develop a sense of accountability and improve the effectiveness of clinical services.

TRICARE Treatment Centers in Tennessee

At Cumberland Heights, it is our mission to make our outcome-based, clinically advanced approach to treatment available to as many people as possible. We hope to provide effective, affordable care to military service members and their families.

To learn more about our TRICARE rehab, contact the Cumberland Heights admissions office.