TV News Coverage: Artist Creates Portrait of Recovery Dog

TV News Coverage: Artist Creates Portrait of Recovery Dog who Helped Them During Treatment

Story By: Forrest Sanders

When Aerin Williams first entered treatment for substance use disorder, she had lost all of her passion for drawing. But then she met Teague.

Teague is the best bud of everyone at Cumberland Heights, but for Aerin, Teague is actually something even more.

“Teague made it easier to be with people because he’s such a huge source of stress relief and love,” said Aerin.

Aerin doesn’t do portraits of anyone they know. However, they made an exception. Aerin created a portrait of Teague and gifted it to Cumberland Heights.

“That attention to detail and to capturing him, it was a bid at connecting with the staff and other people here by illustrating something that we all love,” said Aerin. “One of the things I’ve learned in recovery so far is even though I’m not the person I want to be today, I can still love the person that’s sitting here. I’m a year and three months sober now. [The portrait] was a massive thank you to the people who made it possible for me.”

So, in the portrait of Teague, what do the eyes say?

“Says I’m here for you,” Aerin answered. “I’m going to be here no matter what.”

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