Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing

Motivational interviewing is an approach that can influence you to change your behavior for the better. This approach cultivates the internal desire to come up with solutions to problems

What is Motivational Interviewing?

Anyone who feels apathetic or stuck in a rut can benefit from some encouragement to reach deep within themselves and ignite a spark. Some people need a push to develop healthier habits that improve their chances of living longer and more fulfilling lives. Motivational interviewing is also beneficial for anyone who is uncomfortable with change.

Motivational interviewing is an empathetic method that acknowledges how challenging it can be to create healthy, positive habits. Typically, it is a shorter-term approach that might only require a few sessions to achieve the desired outcomes, though it can also be effective when combined with long-term therapies such as CBT or group counseling.

What to Expect From Your Sessions

A counselor who specializes in motivational interviewing takes a person-centered approach. If you feel intimidated by the word “interview,” it may benefit you to think of each session as a non-judgmental conversation about what you hope to change and why.

The concept behind motivational interviewing is that promising to set goals can help you discover the inclination you need to follow through with them. In this process, the therapist will use their active listening skills to encourage you to make choices for personal reasons, not to fulfill someone else’s expectations for what you should do.

Make a Lasting Change

At Cumberland Heights, we have found motivational interviewing to be an effective treatment protocol for those who need help finding the courage to change. When you feel disinterested and have trouble setting goals, motivational interviewing could provide the enthusiasm you need. In treatment, you can address unhealthy habits and learn better ways to cope with life’s demands.

If you are considering seeking help, but haven’t decided what methods are a good fit for you, start by looking for facilities that offer evidence-based therapies and tailored plans to meet your unique recovery needs. You deserve the freedom that comes with improving your mental and behavioral well-being, and we provide an environment that allows you to focus fully on your recovery journey.

Transformation Awaits

As the first addiction treatment center in Tennessee to receive ASAM accreditation, we provide a full continuum of care that includes medically supervised detoxification, inpatient care, 12-step programming and experiential therapy. Here, you can transform your life surrounded by the beautiful rolling hills of Tennessee. When you are ready to learn more about making lasting change, reach out to our compassionate team of addiction specialists.