Young Men’s

Young Men’s

We help young men work through pain that led to their substance use disorder so they can find meaning, purpose and a life free from drugs and alcohol.

Addiction Recovery For Young Men

Younger patients struggling with substance use disorder may have trouble navigating normal developmental milestones, such as maintaining close healthy relationships, establishing a career or succeeding in an academic environment. This program addresses all of those obstacles, and will help put young men on a path to a wholeness.

More young adults are seeking treatment from addiction than ever before. During this critical period, addiction can interfere with college and career, as well as establishing healthy intimate relationships and friendships. Even with deep love and concern, family relations can become strained by the weight of addiction. Our Young Men’s professionals are specialists who LOVE this group of young people and understand deeply the immense challenges of this time of life.

Focusing heavily on working with the young man’s own internal motivation and the peer support of the community, young men participate in individual, group, and family counseling, as well as adventure-based ropes and climbing wall experiences. Our peer led community provides opportunities for leadership, accountability, and structure that cultivate personal empowerment.

Because many of our patients are college-age, we work closely with educational institutions to help our patients continue their education and find a recovery community on campus to help support ongoing recovery in what can be a challenging environment.

Most importantly, we help young men identify their strengths and learn to use them to establish their recovery and to set a course for a successful launch into their young adult years. We believe in them and their capacity to recovery. They come to believe and then experience it too.

Addiction Treatment for Young Adults

The first step is to reach out for help. Cumberland Heights has created a treatment approach specifically for young adults. To hear more about our modalities, call 800-646-9998 today.