5 Types of Food That Will Nourish Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Eat these foods to nourish your mind, body and spirit

Focusing on nutrition is an absolute necessity in order to ensure our bodies are functioning properly. When we eat right, we’re less likely to struggle with symptoms of mental illness, and we tend to have enough energy to work through whatever challenges come our way. There are so many nutritious foods that we tend to neglect when addiction is active – and stress, depression, anxiety and more can cause us to crave everything we don’t need.

A few years ago, Alyssa Salz, MD, RD, LD, told Today’s Dietitian that both nutrition and hydration are necessary for the healing process of addiction recovery; she stated:

“Just as patients with diabetes or heart disease receive nutrition education to manage their diseases, patients dealing with substance abuse should have nutrition education that addresses their specific risk factors and increases their chances of recovery.”

Nutrition management is an important part of a customized addiction recovery treatment program – and while it may seem overwhelming, meal plans and healthy offerings can make it easier to adapt to. While in recovery, you’ll likely learn about these types of nutritious foods:

  • Dark greens – with so many vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that help protect and strengthen our immune system, you can’t go wrong
  • Cauliflower, kale and brussels sprouts – these types of foods have antioxidants that can help boost your immune system
  • Pinto beans and black beans – beans and legumes are rich in fiber and plant protein, and they’re incredibly easy to find in the grocery store
  • Avocado – avocado is an incredibly popular food, and it helps boost energy – which means that eating one in the morning could enhance the rest of your day
  • Frozen fruits – research shows that frozen fruits are incredibly healthy for you because they retain all the nutrients and minerals

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