Addiction is a chronic, progressive brain disease caused by multiple interacting factors of genetic and environmental makeup

For more than 50 years Cumberland Heights has been helping patients and their families recover from the disease of addiction.

Addiction is a chronic, progressive brain disease caused by multiple interacting factors of genetic and environmental makeup. As with other chronic diseases, such as asthma, diabetes or high blood pressure, addiction can be treated and managed.

At Cumberland Heights we understand the confusion, anger and shame associated with this disease. But most importantly, we know there’s a way out.

Our individualized care plans are supported by:

  • a multi-disciplinary team of physicians, nurses, counselors and others who collaborate with you and your family,
  • state of the art addiction medicine, supportive addiction psychiatry, addiction nursing, evidence based counseling and expressive therapies,
  • group therapy and a community of peers,
  • the life affirming principles, practices and support network of 12-Step programs first captured in Alcoholics Anonymous,
  • spiritual care which reconnects our patients their dreams, loved ones and the joy of life,
  • whole family healing,
  • recovery support services, aftercare and alumni relations events.

Our Treatment Programs

Our treatment plans encompass the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual dimensions of recovery by offering a safe healing environment which combines professional excellence with the principles of the 12 Steps. Choose any one of our treatment programs below that aligns with you or your loved ones age demographic.

Adolescent Services
Young Adult Services
Young Adult Services
Adult Men’s Services
Adult Women’s Services
Family & Children Services
Cumberland Heights is not only a treatment center, but a recovery community. With an abstinence based recovery lifestyle rooted in the principles of the 12 Steps, individuals can and do achieve life-long remission.

Come; experience the spirit of Cumberland Heights!

Recovery is Possible

Recover Life.

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