Collegiate Recovery and the Young Men’s Program at Cumberland Heights

A recent New York Times article, “Not the Usual Party (This One’s Sober),” describes life on college campuses and the new collegiate recovery programs that are popping up around the country. Previously students who did not participate in the heavy drinking that took place before school events were ostracized. However, with new recovery programs in place, students have a place to celebrate without the pressure of drinking.

In the Young Adult Program at Cumberland Heights we often treat patients who have enrolled in college during active addiction. The results of this are typically poor grades, failed classes, starts and restarts, and ultimately dropping out of school.

To combat this, the Young Adult Program introduces our patients to a collegiate recovery community and works toward resuming their college career. We recommend when a patient leaves our program they stay engaged in an extended care program for 6 months before re-entering college.


The Young Adult Program is a 12 Step based, gender specific treatment program for emerging adults ages 18 to 24 who are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. Our experienced staff implements a comprehensive education on the disease of addiction and an understanding of the obstacles to recovery through group and individual therapy, 12 Step meetings and family therapy.

Paul Citro, Director of the Young Men’s Program at Cumberland Heights