How Does Spirituality Fit into Recovery?

How Does Spirituality Fit into Recovery?

When we talk about spirituality, it’s often in the form of something beyond. This could be a Higher Power, such as God, or it could be simply positivity and good will. Each person’s spiritual journey is different, and it doesn’t always have to be based on a religion. Of those that do explore spirituality, they often find a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment in life – one that translates directly into their recovery as well. Spirituality can be what brings us hope, what motivates us, what gets us through hard times and more. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is an example of a support group that embraces the spiritual component of recovery, but there are other ways that you can build your spirituality, too.

Just last year, researchers from the University of Michigan sought to explore how spirituality plays into recovery. For 30 months, the researchers assessed 364 people with alcohol dependence. Dimensions of spirituality were noted, especially alongside AA programs. Overall, they found 3 main factors of spirituality that seemed to lend itself well to reduced drinking:

  • Higher levels of purpose in life
  • Self-forgiveness
  • Spiritual/religious practice

AA specifically was found to help people with these spiritual elements:

  • Positive religious coping
  • Daily spiritual experiences
  • Forgiveness of others
  • Spiritual/religious practices

You may find that your perspective on spirituality changes the longer you’re in recovery, and that’s okay. For most people, it’s about what makes sense to them, and what gives them meaning – that means that AA and other religious/spiritual components may or may not become part of your recovery plan.

It’s been said that addiction is often developed in an attempt to fill a void. Whether that’s loneliness, unhappiness, boredom, lack of purpose, lack of support, trauma or something else, we lean towards alcohol and other substances often because we’re trying to heal emotional wounds by physical means. Addiction is more than just a physical component and is often considered something that affects a person’s mind, body and spirit. Recovery is about getting you back on track and feeling complete in all areas of your life – by working through what’s been holding you back, you can use the resources you have to take big steps forward.

You don’t to make a decision today about whether or not you want to dive into more spiritual/religious aspects, but you can try different things to see what fits best for you.

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