In What Ways Can I Support My Teen in Recovery?

In What Ways Can I Support My Teen in Recovery?

Teenagers face unique challenges because their brains are still developing as they navigate school, work and other life situations. During this time, peer pressure is a major concern because friends may gain easy access to alcohol and other drugs, for experimentation purposes and for partying. Other times, teens abuse substances because they think it will take away their emotional pain. If your teen is seeking out help to start their journey to recovery, this is the first and most important step they could take. Some teens don’t have the support or resources to get help, and this makes it incredibly difficult for them to break their addiction. If you’re ready to dive into the supportive role, there are many ways you can help.

Previous studies have shown us that during this developmental period, substance abuse can increase a teen’s risk for violence, spread of infectious diseases, risky sexual behaviors and so much more. Support is something that anyone in recovery – regardless of their age – needs. Based on what research has shown us thus far, the following are excellent ideas for supporting your teen:

  • Speaking positively about their progress when they take steps towards recovery
  • Expressing to them that they’re not alone
  • Encouraging them to get involved with volunteer work
  • Educating yourself on addiction and how it may be affecting your teen
  • Refraining from drinking or using any substances around your teen
  • Suggesting that your teen speak with a therapist and attend family therapy as well

Support has been regarded as one of the key ways to bring people out of isolation and into recovery. Your teen may not fully understand the implications of addiction but hearing from others who have gone through similar struggles and found success in recovery could be beneficial for them. Another way that you can support your teen – and a way that isn’t talked about as often – is to take care of yourself.

The energy we provide to our teens is depending on how well we take care of ourselves – if we aren’t tending to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs, we may not be able to provide as much support as we’d like. Get plenty of sleep. Eat healthy foods to keep your mind and body energized. Take some time out for yourself each day and do something that makes you happy. By taking good care of yourself, you’re taking good care of your teen – and they’ll be thankful you did.

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