Is Yaba Dangerous?

Is Yaba Dangerous?

Yaba, the Thai word for “crazy medicine” and also called the “madness drug”, is a combination of stimulants. The two main ingredients are methamphetamine and caffeine, and the drug often comes in tablet form, where it is then crushed and snorted, heated and then inhaled or mixed into a solution and injected intravenously. The Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services lists a few other ingredients that are typically found in yaba, such as:

  •    Salt
  •    Household cleaning products
  •    Distilled cold medicine
  •    Lithium from camera batteries

The drug itself is manufactured in Myanmar, Bangladesh, and is incredibly dangerous and addictive. The side effects of using yaba are a lot like using methamphetamine: agitation, anxiety, paranoia, picking at the skin, convulsions, hallucinations, etc. This drug has been said to come in a number of colors, and can taste just like candy – grape, orange and vanilla flavors can make individuals feel like the drug is much safer than it really is. A rush of energy ensues, and then a number of the side effects listed above may occur.

Just last year, CNN reported that the Bangladesh Border Guards have seized more than 29 million yaba pills the year before – which is 35 times greater than the number of pills they seized back in 2010. In the United States specifically, many Asian communities struggle with this type of substance abuse, especially if they have ties back to Thailand, China, Bangladesh and surrounding countries that provide easier access to the drug.

Young people have been particularly at risk, since they often underestimate what the drug is doing to their body. Overdoses with this drug are incredibly dangerous and can lead to a stroke or even death. Once addiction starts to develop, it’s hard to quit – and many people find themselves with nowhere to turn to for help. The ease of technology has opened up so many pathways for drugs to make their way across the world, in much quicker time and much more discreetly than before.

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, it’s time to seek help. Recovery is possible, and with the right tools and resources, you’ll be able to form a life that lends directly to your happiness and health – all of the things that really matter. Don’t let drugs control you anymore. You deserve to push past this with a reputable healthcare team you can trust, and in a supportive environment. Start your journey to recovery today.

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