News: Ariana Grande is So Proud of Her Brother’s Sobriety

Celebrating Ariana Grande’s brother’s estimates that 23.5 million Americans are addicted to alcohol and drugs – and as our society has become more open to celebrating the courage act of recovery, celebrities are taking full-swing in talking about how proud they are of their own friends and family members. On February 16 of this year, Ariana Grande – one of the world’s biggest artists right now – congratulated her brother, Frankie Grande on his 20 months of sobriety. Frankie talked about his sobriety on Instagram by stating,

“I am extremely proud. This hasn’t been easy. When you get sober…life still happens. You have to deal with all the same highs and lows as you did when you were using but now you don’t have the ability to numb yourself. You feel it. You feel everything. But there is so much beauty in that.”

Ariana Grande has gone through a lot this past year, with her former boyfriend and close friend Mac Miller passing away from an accidental drug overdose in September of 2018. Mac Miller had a profound influence on Frankie Grande, as he’s stated before that Miller was the person who encouraged him to get sober. iHeartRadio explained earlier this year that for Frankie, Malcolm’s (Mac Miller) support is what encouraged him to detox safely – and it was after seeking out rehabilitation that Frankie found a community whom he could lean on.

Nobody chooses to struggle with addiction, but once help is sought, a person’s life can change dramatically. We tend to seek out substances as a solution, but it only perpetuates our problems because it distracts us rather than helping us deal with them effectively. For Frankie Grande, 20-months-sober is only one milestone of many that he plans to work through. Having the support of his sister only further emphasizes the amazing strides he’s taken towards changing his life around.

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