What Are Drug-Seeking Behaviors?

Woman showing drug-seeking behaviorsAddiction is a huge epidemic in the United States – in fact, a study conducted by the Pew Research Center found that almost half of Americans have reported having a friend or family member who struggles with addiction. One of the best ways that we can combat this epidemic is to keep our eyes and ears open for others who may need support. Knowledge is power and providing the right resource to someone who needs it could truly change their life for the better. Healthcare workers are certainly likely to be exposed to more drug-seeking behaviors, as the doctor’s office is a common place for this to be enacted. Nonetheless, being aware of the types of drug-seeking behaviors can help us better identify them if they appear from our loved ones.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency notes that many people who are seeking out drugs will want to make a doctor’s appointment at the very end of the day. They may not wish to disclose where they live and they may display unusual behavior while waiting for the doctor. The following are some other common drug-seeking behaviors:

  • Asking for a specific kind of drug while being inflexible to trying something else
  • Seeming to have a lot of knowledge about various drugs
  • Acting very demanding and assertive when it comes to getting drugs, with little patience
  • Using tactics such as telling a tragic story in order to obtain medicine in light of a doctor’s sympathy
  • Going from doctor to doctor or hospital to hospital, hoping to receive more of the same drug from different places
  • And more

A 2017 study published in the journal PloS One emphasized that when these behaviors are exhibited, physicians are much more likely to feel concerned that drug dependency is taking place. If you’ve noticed any of these signs from your loved one, this means it is time for them to seek help.

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