Community Education Program: Prevention

EVENT LOCATION Event Location: Virtual
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Who: Laura Ezell, Admissions and Outreach Specialist
What: Webinar
Where: Zoom
Cost: Free
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Family education group: understanding addiction recovery

Since 1966, it has been Cumberland Heights’ mission to transform lives, giving hope and healing to those affected by alcohol and drugs. Cumberland Heights recognizes addiction is a family disease and wants to provide support whenever possible. Our Family & Community Education Program is designed to provide education and support for those seeking recovery and those already taking the steps to transform their lives. 

Do you know enough? This webinar will provide basic education regarding the main types of substances, their effects, and the risks of abusing them. It will also identify indicators that someone may have a substance use problem, and what to do about it. Lastly, it will explore basic interventions and coping skills that can help someone avoid relapse.

About the Presenter: Laura Ezell, Admissions and Outreach Specialist at ARCH Academy, has been working in the addiction treatment field for over 10 years in outpatient and inpatient settings with adults, and most recently with adolescents. She believes the earlier we can intervene when someone is demonstrating signs of substance abuse, the more lives we can save.