X Marks the Spot: Setting a Course for Young Adults in Early Recovery

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Cost: $10.00
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Treating young adult men brings its own set of challenges and requires specialized interventions in order to engage those seeking treatment from Substance Use Disorders. Their families also require a unique kind of support. The goal of this workshop is to provide a map for support, engagement and goal setting for young adults. Those paths can include: returning to higher education, improving relationships and developing healthy coping mechanisms for long term recovery. Join us as we embark on a journey to understand practical applications of these principles of recovery, and gain additional knowledge to guide these young men towards a life of achievement and sobriety.


  • Education about specifics to the Young Men’s population (ages 18-26)
  • Effective engagement of this special population
  • Effective engagement of this special population’s family
  • Actualizing Adulthood or Adulthood Actualization – (Vocational, Education, Peer Support, Purpose/Goals)
    • Ongoing support/Resource Partnerships
      • CRC (Collegiate Recovery)
      • Step Down Programs
      • Sober Living/IOP
      • Adventure Programs
      • Fun in Recovery



  • Gain understanding of effective treatment for this specific population
  • Learn effective ways of gaining rapport with this client population and it’s loved ones.
  • Assisting client’s in achieving maturity and recovery through skills and support
  • Introduction to practical application of recovery principles in daily living.

About the Presenters: 

Travis Hupp, LADAC II

Travis Hupp is a LADAC II and has served as the Young Men’s Program Clinical Director at Cumberland Heights for the past three years. He has over 15 years’ experience working with both adolescents and Youngs Men serving as primary counselor and Clinical Director. Travis brings a wealth of knowledge and guidance to working with this specific population.

Jeff Wilson, BSW, LADAC II

Jeff Wilson is a BSW and LADAC II. He has worked for Cumberland Heights for over 5 years with a focus towards young men ages 18-26 years. Jeff is currently the primary counselor in the Young Men’s Program. Jeff’s efforts are to engage clients in a peer group of similar age and connect them to ongoing resources that allow them to achieve their goals.