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ARCH Academy’s New Campus Opens

Young people have always faced distinct pressures as they come of age. There are countless stories in history, literature and film depicting the physical and psychological changes that occur in adolescence, and the difficulties of taking on new responsibilities, fitting in with peers and discovering the first stages of independence. These challenges have only grown in our digital age, with new generations feeling obligated to keep up with the barrage of trends on social media. It’s easy for adolescents to fall into the trap of unhealthy behaviors and habits — including drug and alcohol abuse.

At Cumberland Heights, we know that adolescents who struggle with drug and alcohol abuse need engaging treatment that will resonate with them. We want to empower young people to say no to drugs and alcohol with confidence, and to find happiness and fulfillment in healthier activities. With their whole lives ahead of them, it’s important for this demographic to heal after substance abuse and addiction and to understand that they don’t need to rely on these substances to have fun, look cool or fit in. To address the specific needs of younger teens (and young men in particular), Cumberland Heights offers a boys-only adolescent program targeted toward young men ages 14 to 18.

Adolescent Recovery of Cumberland Heights (ARCH Academy)

ARCH Academy - Adolescent Recovery of Cumberland Heights - Teen Addiction Treatment & Recovery CenterCumberland Heights began offering its Adolescent Program in 1985. At the time, there were few other adolescent services or programs like it in the country. We helped pave the way for adolescent-specific treatment and are among just a handful of recovery programs with time-tested and well-developed programming for young men. Since our program began, it has grown exponentially in size and breadth. In 2019, we will be expanding to a new state-of-the-art facility in Kingston Springs to better accommodate our teen clients. ARCH Academy is currently located on the Cumberland Heights River Road campus, but our Kingston Springs property affords a separate, 67-acre space in the hills of Tennessee.

Surrounded by wooded hills and free of city distractions while remaining within arm’s reach of Nashville’s amenities, ARCH Academy provides the ideal setting for adolescent recovery. With a length of stay ranging from 60 days to 6 months, teen boys ages 14-18 can rediscover themselves through our time-tested methods and within a supportive community of their peers. Our programming focuses on 12-Step recovery, proven clinical therapies, educational services and adventure programming. Together, these modalities create a program that allows our young people to discover and experience fun without alcohol and drugs, while learning about addiction, developing life skills and restoring their self-esteem.

Since teens are in a critical developmental stage in their lives, recovery from alcohol and drug use looks different for them than it does for adults. To account for this, we have designed ARCH Academy specifically for adolescent males. Our programs are based on research regarding emotional and physical development, common concerns of the modern teen and proven techniques that engage our kids in a meaningful way

The Academy

ARCH Academy is a full-time program that includes regular education alongside recovery education. Your son will not fall behind in school if he joins ARCH Academy: we operate a fully accredited private high school equipped to teach grade levels 7-12, including GED prep, credit recovery options and follow-up academic placement. We focus on preparing our students to return to school, begin college or start a career so they are ready to lead healthy and productive lives upon program completion. Our licensed teacher and principal work closely with each of our students’ families to provide support and guidance through the process. ARCH Academy proudly celebrates frequent graduations for those who finish high school while in treatment.

ARCH Academy is a residential program, which means your teen will be living on our campus during the length of their stay. Our facilities include comfortable, modern amenities; fully prepared, nutritious meals; access to our counselors and staff and more. You will be able to keep in touch with your son via phone — and, we work closely with each family to provide regular updates, facilitate visits and include family members in therapy activities whenever appropriate.

Recovery Activities

We take full advantage of our beautiful location and offer adventure therapy as a key component of our programs. Alongside more traditional therapeutic methods (e.g., individual and group therapy, 12-Step education and exercises), we incorporate engaging and challenging outdoor activities to teach teamwork and interpersonal skills, encourage physical activity, build self-confidence and show a breadth of healthy hobbies that don’t involve drugs or alcohol.

A typical day in our Adolescent Program includes a breadth of activities, including:


  • School and study sessions
  • Meditation
  • Prepared group meals
  • Recreation
  • Group and/or individual therapy
  • Personal time
  • 12-Step meeting



Is ARCH Academy Right for My Teen?

ARCH Academy is a top-quality recovery program for teens with a long history of success. We welcome young men from the Nashville, Tennessee area and beyond, and our clients come from many walks of life and backgrounds. If you are worried about your son and believe he may be struggling with substance abuse or addiction, please reach out to us. We can work with you to determine whether our programs offer the kind of care your teen needs, and to help you learn more about available resources to ensure your son makes a full recovery.

The ARCH Academy Adolescent Program is available for teen boys ages 14 through 18. Cumberland Heights also offers a Young Adult program for young men aged 18 through 25. If you or your child is on the cusp of these age groups, we can work with you to determine which setting will be more appropriate.

Planning for the Future at Cumberland Heights

Alcohol and drug addiction is a chronic, progressive and potentially fatal disease. Studies have shown accountability with a continuing care plan, sober fellowship, family involvement and extended support serve as the cornerstone for long-term recovery. At Cumberland Heights, we want to make sure that every client who passes through our programs is prepared to lead a long and fulfilling sober life — we offer alumni services, connect clients with external recovery resources, include family members in therapy and care plans and offer one-year extended care via our Recovery Care Advocacy program.

Recovery Care Advocacy

Alcohol and drug addiction is a chronic, progressive and potentially fatal disease. Studies have shown accountability with a continuing care plan, sober fellowship, family involvement and extended support serve as the cornerstone for long-term recovery. Recovery Care Advocacy at Cumberland Heights is a service provided to all our alumni through their first year of recovery after completing a treatment program at Cumberland Heights.

Contact Us

Get your teen the help they need, in an environment created just for them — visit our ARCH Academy website to learn more about our adolescent program and to start the admissions process. Call ARCH Academy today at 844-ARCH-ORG.

Adolescent Services at Cumberland Heights - The developing brains of teenage boys are more susceptible to alcohol and drugs than those of adults
Adolescent Services
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Cumberland Heights is not only a treatment center, but a recovery community. With an abstinence based recovery lifestyle rooted in the principles of the 12 Steps, individuals can and do achieve life-long remission.

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