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The Extended Care community offers the time to delve deeper into the principles and practices of a 12-Step based recovery lifestyle

The Extended Care community in Tennessee offers the time to delve deeper into the principles and practices of a 12-Step based recovery lifestyle.

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What is Extended Care?

Extended care is a transitional level of care that fits between full-time treatment and independent life. While all residential and intensive outpatient programs are intended to fully equip individuals with the tools they need to live a substance-free life, they are limited by time constraints. These programs typically last between 30 and 90 days, after which individuals must begin to apply the skills they learned on their own. In many cases, a treatment program simply doesn’t last long enough for an individual to feel fully comfortable moving back into everyday life without the support and structure of a treatment center environment. These individuals are at a high risk of relapse, which is something that treatment centers like Cumberland Heights strive to prevent through extended care. Extended care provides added support as clients leave full-time treatment, maintaining the structure and accountability of a treatment center while giving individuals more independence to practice their recovery skills on their own.

Who Benefits from Extended Care?

Extended care can be an option for anyone who is preparing to leave full-time treatment but is unsure of their next steps. In particular, it may be recommended for individuals who:

  • Participated in a shorter residential or full-time outpatient program
  • Have been struggling with addiction for a long time
  • Were struggling with a particularly intense addiction
  • Have a history of relapse
  • Do not have a stable or supportive home life to return to
  • Are returning home to a family that is still working through therapy
  • Are returning to a high-pressure environment like school or a stressful job

Extended care can provide a sober living environment, regularly scheduled therapy sessions, continued therapy with familiar providers, a safe space to practice recovery skills and more. This level of care is ideal for boosting individuals confidence in their ability to live a sober life and for easing the often abrupt transition from full-time treatment to independent living.

If you or your loved one is preparing to leave a residential program and you are unsure if extended care might be right for them, please ask us about our extended care options. We can evaluate your needs and determine whether extended care is appropriate for you at this time.

Extended Care Facility in Tennessee

The Extended Care Communities at Cumberland Heights allow our clients more time to discover who they are in recovery. In particular, this time is spent processing everything they learned in their initial treatment experience, exploring deeper issues and more firmly rooting themselves in an abstinence-based recovery lifestyle.

Whether you are concerned about the peer pressure of returning to high school or college or the stressors involved with a particular occupation, such as healthcare or commercial piloting, our Extended Care Communities in and around Nashville, Tennessee can give you and your family a safe way to explore further what it means to live a recovery program on a day-to-day basis. Our communities are currently available for men and young men. Extended care programming is offered on an outpatient basis, though we can arrange for sober living for adult participants in our off-campus homes.

Adult Men Extended Care Program (Men Only) at Cumberland Heights

Adult Men Extended Care (Men Only)

Our Adult Men Extended Care Facility in Tennessee offers the time to delve deeper into the principles and practices of a 12-Step based recovery lifestyle. By living in one of our off-campus homes, you get the chance to practice daily living skills, such as time management, financial management and negotiating with others in a peer community supported by trained staff. You will have the time and freedom to return to a career or other obligations, but will have a recovery community at home to help keep you on track as you build your healthy routine and your self-confidence.

Adolescent Extended Care Program (Boys only) at Cumberland Heights

Adolescent Extended Care (Boys only)

The Adolescent Extended Care Facility resides at the main campus on River Road. You and your family will continue to build your 12-Step knowledge and recovery skills gained during primary care treatment. Our trained staff works with you or your loved one and your family members to establish basic patterns of daily living, including the necessary actions and expectations for protecting and continuing recovery. You can return to your family home and school obligations while continuing to get the help you need to rebuild a healthy lifestyle.

Learn More About Our Extended Care Programs

If you or your loved one may be in need of extended care in Tennessee or any of the other recovery services we offer, please reach out to Cumberland Heights today. We want everyone struggling with substance abuse and addiction to get the help they need to heal — everyone deserves a chance at a fulfilling sober life, and we are here to get you on your path to long-term recovery. Feel free to contact us today or call (800) 646-9998 to get started.

Adolescent Services at Cumberland Heights - The developing brains of teenage boys are more susceptible to alcohol and drugs than those of adults
Adolescent Services
In recent years, young adults have sought treatment for addiction in increasing numbers
Young Adult Services
When Cumberland Heights opened its doors in 1966, our Men's Program was among the first of its kind providing men a new and rewarding life in recovery from addiction.
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The Women's Program at Cumberland Heights responds to the specific needs of women by keeping the patient's relationship with herself and others at the heart of the program.
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Cumberland Heights is not only a treatment center, but a recovery community. With an abstinence based recovery lifestyle rooted in the principles of the 12 Steps, individuals can and do achieve life-long remission.

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