Still Waters

Still Waters emphasizes spiritual principles associated with each of the 12 Steps

Still Waters

Our Still Waters programs are 30 – 90 day, 12 Step immersion retreats for men and women (gender specific, housed separately) ages 18 and up. At Still Waters, Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous principles of recovery are taught using AA and NA approved literature and fellowship, group discussions, lectures and 12 Step meetings.

In addition to learning about the disease of addiction, recovery and relapse, Still Waters emphasizes spiritual principles associated with each of the 12 Steps. Cumberland Heights’ Pastoral Services provides monthly programs and a monthly two day family services program for residents’ family members and loved ones. This additional emphasis on spiritual principles separates the Still Waters program from others.

Our >Still Waters facilities are both converted private residences nestled in the rolling hills of middle Tennessee, amidst large tracts of rural forest and pasture lands. Within the retreat, both have a main house which provides dining services, meeting rooms, offices and housing for counseling staff. Both residences also have additional guest houses which accommodate residents, who occupy semi-private rooms with private baths. Residents of both facilities can meditate near extensive gardens or a gazebo, for men near a peaceful creek and for women, near the large pond directly behind the main residence.

We think you’ll find the Still Waters Experience to be:

    • A place where motivated men or women can separately go who have had primary treatment but cannot stay sober.
    • A place where an individual needs a very 12-Step intensive program instead of a traditional treatment model.
    • A program for those in the past which have fallen through the cracks. Who really want and need a minimum of 30-90 days of intensive 12-step work but cannot afford traditional treatment programs.
    • A place where men or women are currently working a twelve step program can go to work very intensively on their recovery.
    • A place for motivated individuals, that might be struggling in recovery, can go to help prevent a relapse.
    • A place for individuals to expand their spiritual awareness of recovery principles.
    • A place that is not just a 12-step “based” program but instead a 12-step “living” program.
    • A place where men or women who are serious about getting clean and sober can learn how to live happy, joyous, and free!

To learn more about each gender-specific Still Waters Program, please choose:

12 Step Immersion Care - Still Waters for Men
Still Waters for Men
12 Step Immersion Care - Still Waters for Women
Still Waters for Women
Still Waters for Men & Women
The emphasis on spiritual principles associated with each of the 12 Steps separates our Still Waters program from others!

Dive Deep, Emerge Renewed.

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