22 Feb 2015

Cumberland Heights Blog: Transfiguration Awaits Us

**Audio of Service** "Transfiguration awaits us…if you are the comforter, the caretaker, maybe when the transfiguration comes you acknowledge openly and honestly your own suffering and confusion. If you are struggling with this disease of addiction, the transfiguration awaits when you seek the presence and wisdom of those who have...

19 Feb 2015

Cumberland Heights Blog: Restoration and Recovery

**Audio of Service** "God is the business of restoring us to who we really are. This 12 step program and the community found within recovery helps in the restoration of our spiritual selves." Rev. Carrie Fraser, MDIV, LMFT, CADC Director of Pastoral Care Services Cumberland Heights Foundation

10 Feb 2015

Cumberland Heights Blog: Youth and Souls4Souls

The Cumberland Heights youth patients participated in service work with Soles4Soles. Soles4Soles is a local non-profit that collects and donates shoes to people in need. Recently, their donations have gone to help those in Haiti. The youth patients first conducted a shoe drive on campus last week to collect shoes from...

3 Feb 2015

Cumberland Heights Blog: Our Spiritual Fitness

**Audio of Service** Focusing on our spiritual fitness allows us to develop spiritual practices that give us the tools to do the necessary work at the core of our being. When we are following our spiritual practices we are more grounded, more centered, and able to cope with what life...

26 Jan 2015

Cumberland Heights Chapel Service “Epiphanies”

"Epiphanies" **Audio of service** It is easy to over think, over-analyze and set conditions on God's epiphanies for our lives. We are called, perhaps to follow with a sense of immediacy. Instead of trying to prepare and figure out the details; just follow. Follow the suggestions, follow what the people who...

12 Jan 2015

Cumberland Heights Blog: Step 1

1st Step of the 12 Steps We admitted we were powerless over alcohol - that our lives had become unmanageable - Step 1 "Only drink on weekends. Only four drinks per setting. How about switching from vodka to beer? No, that didn't work. Let's try wine. Okay, wine only with dinner...

2 Jan 2015

Cumberland Heights Blog: One Day at a Time

**Audio of Service** Cumberland Heights Sunday Service: This program is about one day at time, learning to let a little more of that shame melt away into the care of God. It is ok to embrace God's gift of joy in a difficult time. It is acceptable to laugh, to smile,...

24 Dec 2014

Cumberland Heights Blog: The 24 Hour Surrender Coin

24 Hour "surrender coin", a symbolic commitment to change from old behaviors and the beginning of a new journey to end the suffering and downward spiral of destruction and death by alcohol and addiction. The leaves on the "tree of life" in the background are covered with the names...

22 Dec 2014

Cumberland Heights and Thistle Farms

This Christmas Cumberland Heights is helping Thistle Farms. We are taking up donations for their stocking stuffer harvest.  This is to support women in the Magdalene Community. Women that are in Recovery themselves and to give them a nice gift. Giving back to the community is part of the Recovery...