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The inpatient programs at Cumberland Heights are offered at our main campus encompassing 177-acres located on the banks of the Cumberland River

Our Individualized Inpatient Care Programs

Nashville, Tennessee Inpatient Care for Substance Abuse at Cumberland Heights
Our inpatient recovery programs are gender responsive, residential program for individuals ages 14 and up.

The inpatient programs at Cumberland Heights are offered at our main campus encompassing 177-acres located on the banks of the Cumberland River. Although our campus is only 20 minutes from downtown Nashville, the rural setting makes it seem a world away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Our recovery programs are gender responsive, residential and outpatient programs for individuals ages 14 and up. Cumberland Heights offers expert detoxification and medical care, exceptional dining meals and services, as well as spiritual, expressive and recreational therapies.

We tailor an individual plan for each patient, with lifelong recovery as the primary objective. Our experienced staff implements a comprehensive education on the disease of addiction and an understanding of the obstacles to recovery through group and individual therapy, 12 Step meetings, and family therapy.

From a patient’s first assessment, through residential treatment, and all the way to their first aftercare group, newly recovering men & women are provided the necessary resources for a sober, productive and fulfilling life. As part of the recovery community, we begin to break down the barriers addiction and stereotypes have built up. As individuals learn intimately about the disease of addiction, they begin to normalize their feelings and experiences.

We understand stepping away from your life to come into an inpatient treatment setting may be frightening. We invite you to take a virtual tour below, or if you’re local to Nashville, Tennessee, come and tour our campus in person. For information on a campus tour please contact us through our secure General Contact form or call 800-646-9998.

Our multi-disciplinary team gives you a thorough assessment of your needs, concerns and strengths. This includes:

  • An initial assessment by our licensed nursing staff and admissions counselors,
  • A history and physical examination by our addiction medicine physicians, with laboratory assessments as indicated,
  • Psychiatric evaluation for every adolescent and as needed for adult patients,
  • A complete bio-psycho-social-spiritual assessment,
  • Screenings for nutrition and eating disorder, trauma and safety risk, as well as vocational, learning needs and leisure activities,
  • Academic educational assessment for adolescents,
  • And other specialty assessments such as relapse history.

Begin Your Recovery Journey

You will be assigned a primary counselor and case manager. Together, these clinicians will work with you and your family as well as the other members of your treatment team—your attending physician, the nursing staff, family counselor, spiritual director, expressive therapies team, nutritionist and clinical associate staff — to create an individual plan of care to help you begin your recovery journey. As part of your residential program, you will:

  • receive detoxification care and management if needed, including the monitoring of your withdrawal signs and symptoms and medication management where indicated.
  • be welcomed into a gender-responsive community with whom you will live during your residential stay re-learning the rhythms of a healthy pattern of living with good food, rest and exercise.
  • become a member of a primary therapy group offering you a safe space to unpack the pain of addiction and begin to practice new behaviors.
  • attend interactive educational groups teaching you about the brain disease of addiction and the tools you will need to move into recovery.
  • learn about the principles of the 12 Steps, examining and practicing these yourself.
  • attend on campus and community 12-Step meetings to experience the warmth and acceptance of this support network.
  • participate in expressive therapies to give you a new way to look at addiction and recovery as well as to express yourself—art therapy, music assisted therapy, sand tray therapy, and adventure based ropes course and climbing wall experiences.
  • explore ways to reconnect spiritually with yourself, others and a Power greater than yourself, however you define that, through mindfulness and other forms of meditation such as the labyrinth experience, yoga, as well as individual and group sessions with our Spiritual Directors; you and your family may also participate in our non-denominational chapel service.
  • begin to heal family relationships through participation in individual family sessions, multi-family group sessions, family education groups and our 3 ½ day family workshop.
  • receive supportive psychiatric assessment and care if indicated.
  • participate in a large variety of specialty groups which meet your specific gender and age needs while focusing on relationships, parenting, body image, trauma, stress management and anger issues.
  • create a plan for your continuing recovery with your case manager, looking at all of the available options to see what is right for you—extended care, 12-Step immersion retreat, intensive outpatient or a combination of the above. You’ll also learn about our telephone recovery support services, our weekly aftercare and our active alumni association where you can meet other recovering people like yourself.

Safe Start – Cumberland Heights' Response to the Opioid Crisis

Safe Start – Our Response to the Opioid Crisis

Safe Start is medication-assisted treatment and recommended to anyone diagnosed with a moderate to severe opioid abuse disorder. Once the patient is evaluated and it is determined Naltrexone would be a good tool for them in their recovery, they will detox in a safe residential setting and then have 7-10 days for the receptors to clear before staff administers Naltrexone.

General Program Parameters

Although our care is individualized, our experience has taught us some general program parameters which offer the highest percentage of sustained recovery to occur.

Our Adolescent Program and Young Adult Program are a minimum of 30 days in length. Since their brains are still developing at this age a 30 day length of stay allows ample time for them to heal. It’s also important to address developmental challenges as well as the family dynamics affected by active alcohol and drug use.

Our Men’s Program and Women’s program offer two options, the First Step Program and Traditional Adult Program.

The First Step Program is a combination of a residential stay combined with a course of intensive outpatient treatment. This option is often utilized by people who need detoxification and the support of residential structure to help them stabilize the crises created by active addiction. If there is a supportive home environment, no complicating factors and sufficient motivation to engage in intensive outpatient treatment, this option may be for you.

Our Traditional Adult Program offers a longer length of stay, ranging from 28 to 35 days, depending on individual needs. This program is appropriate for those who have been active in their addiction for longer periods of time, have complicating physical, mental or emotional needs, unstable living or high risk work environments, or a history of relapse.  In fact, we offer specialty services, including:

  1. occupational specialty services for pilots, nurses and ancillary healthcare workers, and counselors
  2. professional musicians and music industry professionals, and
  3. relapse analysis and prevention planning.
The participant is able to draw parallels and metaphors from their experience then transfer it to practical application to their recovery journey.
Adventure Based Therapy
3 Art Projects to Give You an Entirely New Perspective on Your Recovery Journey
Art Therapy
Labyrinth Experience
Music Assisted Therapy
Sand Tray Therapy
Spiritual Care Services
Yoga Practice Combined with Mindfulness to Help Heal Addiction Issues

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