Evidence-Based Treatment

Cutting Edge Practices

Cumberland Heights has always followed best practices in evidence-based medicine. We are elevating our own medical care – and helping the entire industry – thanks to new data collected and analyzed by the Cumberland Heights Foundation Research Institute.

Improving Medicine and Recovery Through Research

Chief Science Officer Nick Hayes discusses how the use of technology and data collection begin during treatment and extend through the first year of recovery. The data collected directly from patients helps clinicians monitor and measure improvements during treatment and make evidenced-based adjustments with a priority on recovery.

The Cumberland Heights Foundation created the Research Institute in 2018 with the specific mission to “support patient change through research.”

Cumberland Heights Talks the Talk … and Walks the Walk

Various therapeutic approaches help our patients process trauma and begin the healing process. At Cumberland Heights we work to heal the “whole patient” physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This is done through many various and time-tested ways. We have learned through our more than 54 years of helping patients recover from drug and alcohol addiction, that each person is an individual and the path to sobriety may be different for each person.

Talking therapies are very effective, but talk therapy is not enough for everyone. Experiential therapies use metaphors and actions to help people have an experience of doing that can be life changing. Matched to individuals, these therapies provide breakthroughs that allow talk therapy to be at its most effective.

A few of the experiential therapies we employ at Cumberland Heights include: adventure therapy, art therapy, equine-assisted therapy, labyrinth experience, mindfulness meditation, music therapy, relapse prevention, spiritual care services, therapeutic recreation, and yoga.

Horses at the new ARCH Academy

One of the therapies for which Cumberland Heights has become nationally known is its music-assisted therapy. Of course, being based in Music City has allowed the team to work with many people in the music industry, but music is universal and can be therapeutic for people from all walks of life.

We’ve all listened to our favorite music in times of stress and emotional pain. It makes us feel better, and there’s science behind that. In fact, many studies have proven that sessions with a trained music therapist reduce pain, improve state of mind and reduce stress or anxiety for those with addictive patterns.

Music therapy has been used by some medical practitioners for many years in the treatment of various physical, mental and neurological problems. Research has also indicated the value of music for rehabilitation of patients with addiction, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke and depression. It’s no wonder many of us feel the positive vibes that music therapy provides in addiction recovery. It has been one of our most popular therapies for many years!

Experiential therapies are not only quite effective, but often also enjoyable for the patients.

ARCH Academy, our specialized treatment center for adolescent males, offers an equine-assisted program that brings the best of equine-assisted psychotherapy to Cumberland Heights. The equine work at ARCH Academy involves the knowledge, respect, and appreciation for the unique being of each horse, just as each patient in the program is seen as an individual with specific needs and challenges.

So Many Places to Heal

Cumberland Heights’ River Road is the perfect place to heal whether emotionally, spiritually, or physically.