Why Give To Cumberland Heights

We Recover In Community

Today, we focus on reasons to support Cumberland Heights and our work helping patients – and their families – recover life from the grips of substance use. We are grateful to the Cumberland Heights' community for their continued support of our mission.

Liz Stanislawski hosts a panel discussion with Paving The Road to Recovery Host Committee members Frank Wade, Jody Roberts (chair), Jim Armistead and Rob Kennedy.

How a Cumberland Heights Scholarship Saved Jack Jones' Life

Cumberland Heights is honored that Jack Jones is willing to share his story. Congratulations, Jack, on living in recovery and thanks for everything you do to support others seeking the same path.

How did I get from living on the streets — drinking, shooting heroin, using crack – to being licensed to build houses in Tennessee? I got here because four years ago, some folks with Cumberland Heights cared more about me than I cared about myself.

I was homeless in Nashville, weighing about 80 pounds less than I do know. I was so sick – both physically and mentally. I had been to 11 treatment centers. My family was done with me. I had nothing but the urge to get high and stay high.

“God came through for me, so I’m making good on my promise. I sponsor several people in recovery, and I try to get back to Still Waters every chance I get.”

Thanks to fundraising efforts, and key staff at Cumberland Heights and Still Waters, I was given one last chance. When I arrived at Still Waters, I was out of ideas for the first time in my life. I was exhausted and empty. So, I did was suggested of me. I worked the 12-Steps. I let go and let God. That was hard at first. I didn’t know a Higher Power, but a very smart man spoke these words to me that I’ll never forget. “If you truly want to find recovery, first you have to find a God that works for you.” I didn’t know how to pray, but I got on my knees and said “God, if you give me a good life, I promise I’ll spend the rest of mine helping others.”

God came through for me, so I’m making good on my promise. I sponsor several people in recovery, and I try to get back to Still Waters every chance I get. I also share my story with anyone who wants to listen.

While I was in active addiction, I had no job and no relationship with my daughters. Now, I see my daughters all the time, have wonderful relationship with their mother, and am watching my son grow into a wonderful kid who won’t ever have to see me using. I’m about to get my general contractor’s license to build homes from the ground up. And it’s all because Cumberland Heights cared. If you would have seen me in 2016, you may not believe I’d ever be where I am today. I didn’t believe it either. But thanks to the gift of recovery, I’m more alive than I’ve ever been.

10 Reasons to Donate to “Paving the Road to Recovery at Cumberland Heights” Today!

  1. Alcoholism and substance abuse thrives in isolation, and the pandemic has created a dangerous condition of isolation for many.
  2. COVID-19 has created job and insurance loss, causing the increased need for scholarship assistance at Cumberland Heights.
  3. You might help save a life and help heal a family. What could be better than that?
  4. Help is needed. Metro Public Health has confirmed that Nashville has already surpassed the number of drug-related deaths this year.
  5. Our whole community benefits when one of us becomes healthy.
  6. You may commemorate someone who has found recovery or send a gift in memory of a person who has passed away from the disease of addiction.
  7. Cumberland Heights has been a nonprofit since day 1, and still remains true to its mission.
  8. To provide essential resources to expand care during COVID-19
  9. Your gift is tax deductible
  10. Lots of smart, kind, successful people are choosing to donate – you don’t want to have FOMO!